Full Day Starting at Ribeira Grande and its points of interest, we continue our trip to one of the greenest valleys of the island: Vale do Paúl. Here we will visit a sugar cane plantation, and observe the crushing and handling of the sugar cane in the traditional press (“trapiche”) of Senhor Ildo Benrós, who is of Jewish descent. Here you have the opportunity to taste and buy various sugar cane products: “grogue”, punch, molasses, as well as pure sugar cane syrup. At this point, there is a brief explanation about the production of “grogue”. We will continue our visit to the touristic point of the island, Ponta do Sol, where we will visit the Jewish cemetery, also the famous sundial of the Port as well as the beautiful Town Hall. After we have lunch at Ponta do Sol. We travel from here to Fontaínhas, famous for the fascinating landscape: a combination of sea, mountains, farmland, and cliffs. Return to the hotel.