If you have been to AUSTRALIA before, you must have visited or remembered the ‘Boomerang tour’. This is a replica of the tour, but made even more enjoyable by mixing and blending some traditional African community visits that includes conducted farm tours and bee-keeping in Siffoe Village. You cannot lose sight of the Gambia is Good (GIG) project which is a pilot to train farmers, technical expertise on modern farming skills and why not  get your hands dirty by getting involved in vegetable growing  and harvesting. A prelude to our destination will lead us to Berending Village for a boat trip to kartong using the ‘Halahain’ river that borders the Gambia and the southern Casamance region of Senegal, a must see for an unforgettable experience.

Another rare opportunity accorded to you on this same tour is the visit to the ‘reptile farm’. Here you will find a zoologist who specializes in keeping snakes of all sorts except the ‘ANACONDA’. A surprise stop will bring you to the virgin beach otherwise known as Paradise beach for Lunch and swimming. The home run will lead us to our final stop of the day at the ‘Kim Kombo’ wine distillery, just a perfect way to scoop away a bottle or two for your liking.