Stellenbosch is South Africa’s second oldest European settled town. Located on the banks of the Eerste River in Cape Winelands, the city is renowned for its wine, stellar food, fine dining, natural beauty, historical Cape Dutch buildings, youthful vibe, and adventurous activities, all of which make a visit to the town fun. If you are visiting soon or planning a weekend in Stellenbosch, here is an itinerary you should consider:


Day 1: Arrival + Museum Tour

Village Museum

From Cape Town, Stellenbosch is less about 50 km, depending on your route. On arrival in the city, check into one of its many luxurious hotels, preferable one with a spa, located within a wine estate. Such hotel usually grant added value such as free wine tasting and scenic tour, cheap cellar tours, mountain climbing and biking trail—some even have golf holes where their guests can play golf.

If there is still time after settling down, why not step out and see some of Stellenbosch. If you want to discover Stellenbosch on your own without a local guide, it’s good to start at the tourist information centre close to Blom street. There, you’ll get the Stellenbosch Town Map that indicates the town’s tourists’ attractions and wine routes and their locations. From there, you can start exploring beginning with the Toy and Miniature Museum which is just some steps away from the information centre.

Toy and Miniature Museum (2)

VOC Kruithuis, a military museum, is not far too, Die Braak, Moederkerk, one of the oldest buildings in Stellenbosch, the Eikestad Mall, Stellenbosch University Museum, the village museum, and some other attractions in this town are just a walking distance apart. After seeing all of them, return to your hotel for a refreshing rest.

Eikestad Mall

Stellenbosch University Museum


Day 2: Cellar Tour

JC LeRoux's Method

I expect that you would have confirmed if your hotel offers wine tasting and cellar tour. If it does, then today is the day you partake in this interesting experience. If your hotel doesn’t, don’t worry, you’ll find enough information in the Stellenbosch Town Map you got yesterday and that should help you to make a good choice. After deciding the cellar you want to visit, ensure you set out in the morning to join a cellar tour, it is more interesting to do so. If the tour is during harvest time (February is peak of harvest), you’ll have the opportunity to see how grapes are processed in the cellar.

JC LeRoux Bottling

By noon, you should have been to enough cellars and it will be good time for lunch. After lunch, you can visit one more cellar before returning to your hotel.

Stellenbosch, South Africa

Note: Most cellars offer a variety of activities and relaxation facilities. For wine tasting, they may request that you buy a glass to taste their wine and often limit the number of wine you can taste.


Day 3: Restaurant Tour

Blue Crane and Butterfly

Before returning home, why not spend some time tasting nice meals in some of South Africa’s best restaurants located in Stellenbosch. You can equally visit Kayamandi Township in Stellenbosch, shop at local shops, and eat at African Restaurants.

Afterwards, it’ll be time to go home.


Photo credits:

Blue Crane & The Butterfly by Hellenonline

Champers Tasting and House of JC LeRoux by fabulousfabs


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