The Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe is one of Africa’s thriving island tourist destinations. Situated in the Gulf of Guinea, approximately 180 miles off the West African coast, Sao Tome is a small island country with a rich avalanche of romantic hotspots. For couples and lovebirds seeking the opportunity to ignite the spark in their relationship this season, Sao Tome is the way to go. Unspoilt beaches, stunning volcanic geology and pleasant all-year-round weather are priceless attributes of this romantic island.  Whether you are a history enthusiast or a lover of lush vegetation and exotic birds, these top 5 romantic destinations in Sao Tome and Principe will not disappoint you. Among others, they are the top 5 reasons why a trip to this former Portuguese colony is worthy embarking on.


The picturesque Sao Tome Town is replete with colonial Portguese architecture and a rich cultural heritage.



Banana Beach, unspoilt and pristine, is a great place for bonding and relaxation. Its’ warm and clear waters are perfect for scuba diving and underwater fishing.

Sao Tome lagoaazul1


History enthusiasts and couples with an eye for spectacular landmark will find the Colonial “Roca” and Plantation Houses an interesting place to be.

Fachada principal da casa principal da Roça Boa Entrada. Ao centro existe uma "bow window" acrescentada ao edifício original para receber a visita do Príncipe Luís Filipe em 1906. Há apenas 3 anos, os vidros estavam intactos.

Obo National Park, a stunning rainforest on the island, is home to hundreds of exotic flora and fauna species.

Sao Tom Obo national park


Sao Tome Hotels are simply beautiful. The creative themes, décor and hospitality are priceless. Every moment spent here is value for money.

Sao Tome and Principe Ilheu-das-rolas-resort

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