Mombasa is a gateway to Kenya’s great history and its sparkling India Ocean. The city has striking signs of mixed cultural influence that makes it home to everyone. A city with friendly people, nice cuisine, traffic-free road network and nice beaches, with an opportunity to view the city while having dinner in a dhow, Mombasa should not be missed if you need a place for a leisure holiday. Here is an itinerary you may consider for a 7 days of fun holiday in Mombasa.


Day 1: Arrive and Familiarise with the City


Mombasa tusks (1)

How about having dinner in an Arab dhow while having a stunning view of the historical city of Mombasa? Well you can do that later tonight but first you have to get to the city, and you can do that by airplane, train and by car depending on where you are coming from. Take time to rest and familiarize yourself with the city after settling into your hotel room before stepping out for dinner on the dhow.


Day 2: Historical Sites’ Tour


Fort_jesus_mombasa (1)

Fort Jesus by Alex Wafula


Mombasa Old Town by FredD

Mombasa is an historic city with gaping evidence of its glorious, if sometimes infamous, past. A visit to this city is incomplete without visiting Fort Jesus, the city’s largest attraction and it’s museum. The Portuguese built the fort in 1593-1596 on the edge of a coral ridge overlooking the entrance to the old port of Mombasa. Built in the shape of a man, this architectural masterpiece reflects Renaissance ideal that perfect proportions and geometric harmony are to be found in the human body. Tour the fort for a glimpse into slaves’ experience there during the slave trade; ensure you also visit the adjoining museum. Afterwards, you may visit the Old Town where you’ll find more impressive architecture that evidence the varied foreign influence in the city.


Day 3: Explore the Beach



Nyali Beach by Christopher T Cooper

At the north of Mombasa is Nyali beach, the best beach around Mombasa, Bamburi Beach is another beach close by. These beaches promise interesting time and I guess you’ll do well to spend time there today. Relax on the beach and soak up the sun as you sip coconut juice fresh from the shell or engage in some watersports including snorkelling and water diving. You may also try a camel ride along the shoreline and visit the Mombasa Marine National Park as well.


Day 4: Safari Time


Elephants_at Shimba Hills National Reserve

Elephants in Shimba Hills National Reserve by AdamPG

A major touristy thing in Kenya is going on safaris. You should book a tour today to visit safari sites for a close up view of African wildlife. The Shimba Hills National Reserve and the Tsavo East and West National Park are some of the places to consider. They parade large wildlife communities of elephants, leopards, lions and giraffes for your viewing pleasure.


Day 5: Go Shopping



Shopping in Mombasa is an interesting experience on its own. Mombasa has various markets and shops where you can buy souvenirs as testimonial of your visit. You’ll find tourist-friendly shops and souvenir stands at the old town where you can buy clothes, artwork, jewellery, spices and fragrances. For shopping in gorgeous environment, visit the City Mall Nyali. There is also the Nyali Cinemax and the shopping mall that provides a perfect blend for shopping and entertainment and a place to grab a nice meal.

Day 6: Make a Day Trip outside Mombasa


Ruins of great mosque of Gedi

Today you can visit neighbouring Malindi to experience the life on the other side. Visit the Gedi Ruins, the remains of a glorious 13-17th century Swahili town that is now a national monument under the national museum. Complete the trip with a visit to a beach, like the Watamu Beach, before returning to Mombasa.

Day 7: Return Home


old-port-271664_1920 (1)

Well, after a fun-filled week, it is time to go home. After breakfast, remember to say “Kwaheri” (goodbye) to your new friends in Mombasa before you leave.

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