While in the Gambia for holidays, take the opportunity to visit the Fathala wildlife reserve in a one day north-Senegal tour to this 6000 hectares of original and protected forest to experience a mini-Serengeti of some sort.

This tour is offered by various tour operators and would usually begin early at 6;00am with a 35 minutes drive to the capital Banjul then crossing at the estuary of the navigable Gambian river with local foot passenger ferry to Barra ( first town on the north of Gambia).


Join the open top safari jeeps for a 30 minutes drive to the last border town of Amdalai where paper works are done by tour guides to enter into Karang( first border town of Senegal).



Another 5 minutes drive from there will take you to Sami district where this game reserve is located.



This reserve gives you an opportunity to see the original stretch of African wilderness, enjoy the natural environment of the bush and animals in its original condition in their 2000 hectares.

With the guided game drives, experience and enjoy driving among herds of antelopes crowned with the western giant eland (rarest), drive up to the giraffes, rhino, roans, water buck, red colobus, patas and green valvet monkeys, buffalos and the beautiful birds spotted on trees and drinking spots.







Experience walking with lions

A once in life time experience. No leashes, no collars, at Fathala you can walk alongside Africa’s most majestic predators. This enables you to interact with big cats of three years on counting for one hour, and also a rare chance of taking beautiful and adventurous pictures with them.





Interested in overnight stay…

Fathala’s luxury tented accommodation is available for you right in the park. Each of the twenty luxury air-conditioned suites are decorated in a romantic African-colonial-style theme with mosquito nets.




The bedrooms come with en-suite bathrooms with twin basins, deep free-standing baths and open air showers. They are equipped with electronic safe, hairdryer, coffee/ tea facilities, mini bar and guest amenities.




Enjoy a cocktail at the swimming pool


…or a delicious variety of local cuisine at their open air mahogany restaurant.



At Fathala, you are sure to experience the unexpected!


Bubacarr Camara is a 27-year-old Gambian and a Tour guide with Arch Tours. His hobbies include reading, writing, playing and watching football.


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