Eating out in Fes for many visitors to this beautiful city is more than just a routine, it is simply an adventure of some sort. Fes is a UNESCO-listed world heritage site and its countless magnificent riads, which now houses restaurants, offers some of the best street food you can find anywhere in the world. And regardless of budget, Fes indeed has something special for everyone. Get set to experience the taste of its unique spices such as the caraway, coriander, pepper and paprika used in making Pastilla, a local staple; this delicacy will surely set your appetite ‘ablaze’. So when next you are in Fes, be sure to check out these top 5 restaurants we’ve selected for you. Thank us later.


Café Clock


Strategically positioned opposite the Bouanania Medersa, Café clock has built a reputation over time as the melting point of the Fés social and cultural life. This restaurant does a good job of combining the best of Moroccan and Western hospitality and cuisine. It is a favourite spot for the locals and expatriates. Café clock is particularly famed for its camel burgers, a specialty prepared using a closely guarded recipe from fresh local meat. By daytime, the restaurant plays host to talks on Moroccan culture and lessons on cooking and calligraphy. At night, it plays host to local and touring musicians who light up the night for the café’s guests. Food here is not too pricey neither is it cheap; it is mid-range and affordable.


Café Clock, 7 Derb el Magana, Fez, Morocco, +212 661 183 264


Le Palaise de Fez


Picture this. A fine traditional restaurant, perched atop a carpet shop, with amazing views of the turquoise-roofed al-Qarawlyyln madrasa and mosque. Welcome to Le Palaise de Fez, one of the city’s most popular eat outs. A signature meal in this resto is the deliciously tasty pastilla – a spicy pie stuffed with the meat of young pigeons. This restaurant, with its beautifully tiled pillars and stunning mosaic ceilings, is touted to serve the best pastilla and tarjines in the city. If you doubt it, then go visiting when next you are in town.


Le Palais de Fez, 15 Makhfia Ecrif, Fez, Morocco, +212 535 761590


Le Maison Bleue


Thinking of a perfect destination for a fancy night out in Fez? Look no further than the gorgeous La Maison Bleue. Built as far back as 1915, this restaurant parades an inimitable opulence that sets it apart from its fellow medieval counterparts in the city. Its minutely carved wood panels, luxurious chairs and airy dining rooms present an ideal location for dining, relaxation and comfort. The wide range of dishes served includes succulent lamb tajines, cooked Fassi salads and thirteenth-century couscous recipe with fine local wine, among others. While dining, beautiful Gnaoua music can also be enjoyed from a live band playing in the background.

La Maison Bleu, 2 Ahmed Mekouar Square, Fez, Morocco, +212 535 741843



Restaurant Numero 7


Art enthusiasts will particularly find this restaurant fascinating. This is a professional restaurant space and dining room situated in the heart of the Fés medina: the cradle of Moroccan gastronomy. What strikes the first time visitor is the black and white mosaics decor as well as the embellished whitewashed walls. The dishes are equally striking and attractive, thanks to the special touch from acclaimed chefs-in-residence usually invited from all over the world time and again. These chefs work with the aim of creating a gallery of food experiences for the restaurants customers using a cornucopia of flavours such as think-skinned dduk lemons, white mulberries, beldi chickens and camel meat, among others.


Fez Café


Fez café is an exciting and fun spot within the medina. Situated at the riad called Le Jardin des Biehn, Fez café parades an expansive garden designed in Andalusian style. The pastel coloured walls and doors which open to the courtyard is undoubtedly one of the most sought after relaxation spots in Fez. The Café also has a large roof terrace perfect for breakfast in the sun and dinner under the stars. Special Moroccan and continental dishes are made and dished by the elegant chefs with their cute Oriental accents. They include salmon tapenade, duck pastilla and the spiced goats cheese salad, among others.


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