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This account is run by 18 photographers living and working in Africa who want to show the world what everyday life in Africa is like – it’s not all famine, wars, poverty and instability that people from outside of Africa see on the news.




@truthslinger – https://instagram.com/truthslinger

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Kenyan photographer Mutua Matheka shoots stylishly minimalist photos of Nairobi’s cityscapes and inhabitants, but he also turns his lens on Kenya’s rural landscapes, shooting sunsets over Lake Turkana and road trips through the bush.




Nairobi resident Sarah Waiswa captures everyday street scenes as well as colourful, arty portraits of her city’s inhabitants, from graffiti artists and fashion models to school children and homeless people, creating a gallery that reflects life in the vibrant Kenyan city.




@stevenchikosi – https://instagram.com/stevenchikosi/

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Harare-based Steven Chikosi’s photos from Zimbabwe are atmospheric and beautiful: you can almost imagine yourself in the scenes he depicts, from a schoolboys’ soccer game on a dusty field at sunset, to a lone baobab, to a misty early morning road. His portraits are warm and engaging – you want to find out the stories behind each person he’s shot.


South Africa


@garethpon – https://instagram.com/garethpon/

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With 238 000 followers, Gareth Pon is one of South Africa’s most followed Instagramers. His forte is beautifully composed shots of Johannesburg’s streets and inner-city architecture, but he also shoots great portraits and images from his travels around the world.


@unclescrooch – https://instagram.com/unclescrooch/

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Ofentswe Mwase is a cinematographer who turns his well-trained photographic eye on his city of Johannesburg, capturing incredible night shots of the inner city, amazing skylines and aerial photos over skyscrapers.


@roscoedude – https://instagram.com/roscoedude/

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Capturing the beauty of one of the world’s most scenically stunning cities, Ross Pickford shares photos from all different angles of Cape Town: beaches at sunset, the colourful houses of Bo-Kaap, the rugged coastline,  the view of the city from the top of Table Mountain and street scenes from the inner city.



@nazyxo – https://instagram.com/nazyxo/

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Returning to Zanzibar after many years of living abroad, Nasrin Suleiman started photographing her life on the beautiful East African island: everything from the narrow streets of Stone Town to colourful spice markets. But it’s the gorgeous coastline that features most in her photos – white sands, clear turquoise water, dhows and underwater marine life.




@kibuukaphotography – https://instagram.com/kibuukaphotography/

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Kibuuka Mukisa Oscar’s portraits of Ugandans going about their everyday lives are vibrant and dynamic – many of the subjects are on the move breakdancing, diving into water or jumping – with a sense of movement and life force that feels energetically inspiring.




@africashowboy – https://instagram.com/africashowboy/

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Nana Kofi Acquah’s colour-rich photos each tell a story from Ghana – whether it’s a tug-of-war game on the beach, a woman carrying a water container on her head outside of her hut, a mother holding up her smiling baby, or a schoolchild doing his homework on a bench in a tiny kitchen. Each photo is shot with a lot of warmth and empathy – showing the photographer’s approach to his subjects.


Sarah Duff  is a freelance travel writer and photographer from South Africa whose assignments have taken her all over Africa. In the name of work she’s tracked mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda, driven around Malawi and Mozambique in a Mini, trekked over sand dunes in the Namib Desert, sailed dhows around Lamu Island in Kenya, eaten her way around Mauritius, hiked into an active volcano on Reunion Island and explored the South African bush on footwww.sarahduff.com

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