The Tanji village, also known as the fishing village, is one of Gambia’s most colourful, exciting and interesting tourist destinations to visit. It is the major fishing port in the country where you can spend hours watching boats as they come in. 

Tanji Fishing Village Gambia2

Enjoy the scenery as they smoke and sell their catch, as well as the beautiful collection of ancient freezers used in storing the ice before the fishes are placed in them.

Tanji Fish

Tanji Fishing Village

Smoked fish @ Tanji Fishing Village Gambia

Your next stop after this captivating experience should be the Tanji Village Museum. It’s just about a kilometre beyond the Tanji village on the left-hand side of the road, with the sea to the right. If you are in Gambia this February, a visit to this private museum would surely be a significant way to celebrate the black history month. Established in 1997, the Tanji Village Museum is situated along the Kombo Coastal Road, a kilometre beyond Tanji village. With an admission fee of 200 Dalasi, you’re in for a rich cultural experience that will blow your mind. The museum is an ethnographic and natural history museum open to the public in 1997.

A private lodge around Tanji Museum

Its retinue of knowledgeable and informative guides on standby will show you its ethnographic and natural history gallery, traditional crafts-weaving, smithery, nature trail (plants) and a traditional Gambian compound. Some select cultural exhibits and works of art on display are for sale.

Gambia-live-music at the Tanji Museum

You’ll also experience a real life village demonstrating how Gambians used to (some still do) live in the past.

Tanji Museum

Tanji Village Museum, The Gambia, Coast, West Africa, Africa, Afrika, Afrique

Tanji Village Museum, The Gambia, Coast, West Africa


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