There are those who believe that the Vallée de Mai (May Valley) is the actual location of the Garden of Eden, the exact spot where Adam and Eve lived before they were driven out by God.

Although it is the smallest of the natural world heritage sites in Africa, measuring about 0.2km², nevertheless, Vallée de Mai is a breathtakingly beautiful pristine forest valley found on Praslin Island, the second largest and one of the archipelagoes that makes up Seychelles.



Located within the 7km² Praslin National Park, Vallée de Mai contains many endemic and threatened species of fauna and flora, which include 14 species of reptiles and a unique tree frog. It is the only place where all six endemic palm species native to Seychelles can be found together, while the area also supports a population of rare and endemic birds, such as the Black Parrot, Blue Pigeon, etc.



However, it’s most extraordinary feature is no doubt the forest of about 6000 Coco de Mer palms whose fruit, the Coco de Mer (Sea Coconut), also referred to as double coconut, or love nut and has the largest seed of any plant in the world. The suggestive shape of these massive bi-lobed fruits, have spawned legends and myths about the Coco de Mer, with some claiming it was the forbidden fruit of the Bible.


Vallée de Mai was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983.


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