As promised, here is the third part of our series on Top African Romantic Getaways this Valentine. Today we are at the exquisite Masai Mara, Kenya. Enjoy!



Masai Mara is inarguably one of the continent’s most popular reserves thanks to its annual wildlife migration. However, the national park is equally a high-end, luxury destination for romantic souls. There are luxury camps, offering out-of-this-world treatment, and the opportunity to gain amazing views of the dramatic landscape of Masai Mara from the comfort of your room. And if you’re looking for the perfect setting to popping the big question, this might well be it.

The Masai Mara National Park is extraordinarily beautiful, and that beauty inspires human’s senses of romance. Its authentic mix of diverse topography adds to the magical beauty. Viewed from the comfort of a hot-air-balloon, the landscape, defined by sandy soil and small bushes in the east, the Siria Escarpment forming a spectacular plateau on the western boundary, the lush grasslands and woodlands around the Mara River, as well as the open plains with scattered bushes…, tempts lovers to pop a question they weren’t prepared for.

The movie, ‘Out of Africa’, which was filmed on top of the Siria in 1985 only gives a fraction of the romantic feeling that characterises the varied landscape.

incredible photogenic landscape of masai mara

Masai_Mara_Kenya (1)

Add the exquisite campsites that dot Masai Mara to a plan for a romantic holiday and the site instantly tops the bucket list for anyone’s Valentine’s Day or honeymoon destination. Expect to be spoiled silly in the suites to the point of never wanting to leave. The top ones offer massage and wellness treatments that help you combine wildlife watching with luxury. Don’t say I told you: some of the camps in Masai Mara are far from crowd yet posh by any standards and you may simply forget home while there.

Masai Mara2

Massage at Masai Mara

Masai Mara Camp

massai honeymoon-03

Masai Mara camp by the Mara river

massai honeymoon-01

After all is said and done, the reason the Masai Mara is so popular is the abundance of predators at the site (there are more predators in Mara than anywhere else in the world), and the scenery—those rolling plains are breathtakingly beautiful and sundowners here are very special with every changing colours.

Take a safari through the wide plains of the Masai Mara to see the staggering diversity of exotic creatures, from lions to zebras, rhinos and vast herds of wildebeest as well as the most dramatic sunsets in the world.


The Masai Scenery


The game viewing is unbeatable, especially in a hot-air-balloon safari. This holds early in the morning and offers amazing opportunity to see the sun rising above the wildlife, and to view the magnificent landscapes. While in the hot-air-ballon, you don’t want to miss shots of the picturesque views. But you should not forget the bigger picture; let the stunning scenery connect the dots that define this romantic site for you to propose to your lover. It’s every woman’s dream, don’t miss the special moment.



masai Mara

Masai Mara safaris-51


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