Continuing with our series on top African romantic getaways this valentine, we bring you a less known nonetheless spectacular island on the West African shores – Cabo Verde. Enjoy the ride with us as we gradually run down the list to Valentine’s day. Enjoy!


Cabo Verde! I will pardon you if you put up a blank stare at the hearing of the name. This Africa’s version of the Caribbean is one of the continent’s best-kept secrets and it’s my joy to break the news to you that, so far, you’ve missed out on one of the most interestingly romantic sites in West Africa.

Hotel Ocea D'Agua, Santa Maria, Sal, Cape Verde

An archipelago located about 350 miles off the Senegalese border, Cabo Verde is a romantic paradise that mutes its competitors when it matters most, especially as it far outsmarts many other choice destinations in catering for budget travellers seeking classy experience on off-the-beaten-paths, as well as those seeking an escape from the harsh European winter in valentine season.

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The archipelago’s ten islands are blessed with good weather, white-sand beaches, exotic landscapes, and friendly locals, all of which help provide the perfect scenery for every couple to have a romantic time no matter what their definition of romance is.



I have recommended Capo Verde for couples seeking a secluded beach wedding, those looking for a honeymoon by the sea, and those just seeking a place to visit on a short romantic break. Let me add to the list, those still thinking about where to pop the big question about marriage to their partners. Anyway, if you are in any of these categories, Cabo Verde should be on your bucket list.


My favourite destinations on the Island are Boa Vista and Sal. The two islands are well developed, and they parade some of the best facilities for a holiday, especially resorts that cater for any romantic whims.


Sal redefines falling in love; it’s the ideal vacation island for those seeking pampering and relaxing on the beach—tell me which lady doesn’t want to be pampered or feel relaxed when she hears the big question?


Sal’s main romantic haven is around Santa Maria beach. The beach is inarguably one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and the best resorts on the island find spots close to it in order to keep their promises—that often include tranquil atmosphere, walking distance to the incredible beach, a remarkable restaurant, spa and swimming pool.

Santa Maria Beach1, Sal

Imagine yourself cuddling your partner at nightfall on a promontory, while gentle live music plays in the background. Or both of you lying on a beach mat, a vast turquoise sea right in view, a dish of fresh seafood waiting to be share and a lulling Morna wafting gently in the background. Sounds like the ideal setting for a romantic evening you’ll say. That’s what being in Sal promises. You can make the imagination real by visiting this Island on Valentine’s Day, it just might be all she needs to hear her say “I do.”

Sal, Cape Verde Jess-Impiazzi

A horse riding tour involving trotting along the island’s beaches could mean a lot to her, just as cruising around in a yacht on a mission to discover the Cabo Verde. Both are at your disposal in Cabo Verde, left to me however, I’ll pick the later. Both are romantic any day, but if the means is available, a yacht cruise for a full day or even half day sounds more romantic. The yacht cruise means an opportunity to see the stunning coastlines, snorkel or relax and more importantly, visit secluded beaches not accessible from the main island, swim in the crystal-clear waters, and possibly share the water with dolphins, turtles, and flying fish.


In addition to the above, Boa Vista stands out as a perfect place to take a leisurely stroll with your partner along the sand dunes and incredible beaches as you escape the lousy, noisy world.

love couple at Sal, Cape Verde.

What caps it all for Cabo Verde is Morna. I often tell people that Cabo Verde bridges the gap between music, love and the soul with Morna, its national music. The haunting melodies, a reminiscent of the Blues though more poignant and refined, is Creole (a fusion of Portuguese, African, Brazilian and Cuban) music that often ‘arrests’ souls.

Cesária Évora

Let the voice of Cesária Évora, the late ‘barefoot diva,’ serenade your partner’s soul. Let the haunting melody of Morna guide you in pop the question. Make sure it’s done in the most atmospheric scene of one of the beautiful beaches that highlights Cabo Verde as a romantic destination.



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