We hope you’ve been enjoying our series on the top African romantic getaways…Today’s destination is a personal favourite and it’s not hard to find out why. Cape Winelands in South Africa is simply in one word – breathtaking; and if you haven’t visited there yet, this Valentine is your perfect opportunity. Make those necessary bookings, pack your bags and like we say in Afrikaans ‘veilig reis.’


Drunk in Love: Cape Winelands Fantasy…

“I’ve got the bottle, bring me your cup,

Pop the cork and try a sup.

When you’re empty, I’ll fill you up,

We’ll drink it down till the sun comes up.”


Thinking of South Africa’s Cape Winelands as February 14 draws near, and I couldn’t help grinning as the classic song ‘Bring Me Your Cup’ by UB40 started playing in my head, as I drove off from the office. I had just discovered where I was going to spend the Valentine weekend with my sweetheart.

What could be better? Fly to Cape Town in the Western Cape, South Africa and spend a romantic weekend. Sorry, not just any romantic weekend – a special Valentine weekend with my baby – and it was all decided by a song…

South Africa’s Western Cape is the 4th largest of the country’s nine provinces by population and in land mass. It is home to Cape Town aka “The Mother City” which is probably one of the most visited places in South Africa. Western Cape also includes several interesting destinations like Stellenbosch, Worcester, Paarl and Wellington which are the largest towns that make up the Cape Winelands District Municipality.

Cape Winelands1

Formerly known as Boland District Municipality, Cape Winelands is situated in the Boland area next to the Cape Metropolitan area, and is regarded as one of the pearls of South Africa’s rural and small-town sub-region with a distinct high and diverse level of development.

Cape Winelands14

Known as South Africa’s culinary capital, there is more to Cape Winelands than wine tasting. Each of the various towns that make up the Winelands boasts a unique experience to make your stay a memorable one. You can enjoy horse and carriage rides through the vineyards, interact with the fastest land animals at the cheetah outreach programme, float in a balloon or ride in a helicopter over the mountains.

Cape Winelands5

Cape Winelands7

There are natural hot springs, world-class golf courses, and long stretches of cycling and hiking routes to keep you fit. The breathtaking landscape of Cape Winelands against a backdrop of mountains, vineyards, and Dutch architecture is a photographer’s delight and has turned it into a much sought after location for weddings, conferences and special occasions.

Cape Winelands, South Africa3

Cape Winelands9

Cape Winelands8

Cape Winelands11

Cape Winelands15

Cape Winelands16

I’ve booked the flights and made reservations and all the necessary arrangements. I’ve told my girlfriend and she’s all excited about it. But what she does not know yet is that I’ve also ordered an engagement ring to be picked up when I get to SA. Yes, you guessed right. We’ll be up in the air, floating by in an hot-air-balloon enjoying a bird’s-eye-view of the world below, while sipping the finest wine.

Cape Winelands13

Cape Winelands4

Cape Winelands6

I’ll make sure UB40 is around, playing that song from my phone… then I’ll pop the question. Sshhhh…


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