Africa is a rich and diverse continent. Blessed with the best of landscapes and showered with awe-inspiring aquatic splendour, little wonder Africa is fast becoming the preferred destination for lovebirds and vacationers all over the world. Indeed, many do not dispute this fact. What is debatable, however, is all the bad press coming from its northern hemisphere. It is nothing but a storm in a teacup. Truth is North Africa is simply in a class of its own. From the stunning plains of Morocco’s Atlas Mountains to the refreshing waters of Egypt’s River Nile, North Africa is indeed the jewel of the savannah. So fear not, you’re in the safest of hands this season of love. Here’s our selection of North Africa’s top luxury destinations for couples with a taste for class, charm and adventure.

1. Enjoy the seclusion of the beautiful Atlas Mountains of Morocco

On the Atlas Mountains of Morocco


2. The gorgeous Sidi Bou Said, Tunisia’s Best Kept Secret

Sidi-Bou-Said-Tunisia's Best Kept Secret


3. Experience the warmth and hospitality of Rabat, Morocco

Experience the warmth and hospitality of Rabat, Morocco


4. How about the stunning city of Fes Morocco

How about the stunning city of Fes Morocco


5. Check out beautiful souvenirs and immerse yourself in Egypt’s hospitable culture

Buy beautiful Egyptian souvenirs and engage their hospitable culture


6. Explore Tunisia at its best, every couple’s dream

Tunisia at its best


7. Savour the magnificence of the Myanmar Yangon skyline in Algeria

Savour the magnificence of the Myanmar_yangon skyline in Algeria


8. Tour the exciting sight and site of Egypt’s Giza-Pyramids

Tour the exciting sight and site of Egypt's Giza-Pyramids



9. Visit The-New-Library-of-Alexandria-in-Egypt

 Visit The-New-Library-of-Alexandria-in-Egypt


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