For anyone applying for a visa, one of the documents that may be required as part of the application documents is an introduction letter. More often than not, a visa applicant who is an employee of a company will need his employer to prepare an introduction letter for him/her. This type of introduction letter is also referred to as the No Objection Certificate.

After publishing my last article about the faultless cover letter for Schengen visa application where I gave insights into the relevant contents and presented a sample draft of such a good cover letter, many people have asked me about how to write a good introduction letter for visa applications. In this post, I have put together the basic requirements of a good introduction letter for an employee. Since the content of such an introduction letter is usually the same for a visa application to most countries, this piece and the sample draft below, I hope, will serve as a general purpose material for any employer issuing a NOC to an employee.


In preparing a NOC, take note to include the following:

  1. Name of the visa applicant
  2. Length of employment with the company
  3. Role of the applicant in the company
  4. Salary of the applicant
  5. Reason for the proposed visit
  6. Duration of the proposed visit
  7. The financial commitment of the company to the trip

You can add other relevant facts to strengthen the letter, but these 7 elements are very important in a NOC.

Here is a good draft of a Letter of introduction issued by an employer.

Here is another draft if the visa applicant is going to represent his/her employer at an event:


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