When I think of a place to relax, I hardly think of Lagos. Because I live and work here, I’m pretty familiar with all there is to know about Nigeria’s economic capital. But there is something in town I never knew about until I mentioned to some friends that I needed to go somewhere for a well-deserved break, where I could also complete my research on my next project,  “You should try out Epe Resort” one of them said, prompting a series of affirmation from everyone. Armed with their conviction my decision was made – Epe Resort it is.

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Forewarned that the journey may be a few minutes over an hour drive from Ikoyi – all things being equal, I felt I was prepared for the long haul until the Nigerian in me started getting worried, wondering why we haven’t got there since! I was already planning to pen down my first complaint to my pals when my driver pumped his break at the 60 hectares property to jolt me to the reality that we have now arrived at the Epe-Itoikin road – the location of the Epe Resort. I checked my time; the trip had lasted less than an hour!

A cut-out slogan on a brochure I was handed at the reception reads: “Epe Resort … closer than you think…” that slogan couldn’t have been more appropriate.

Thought I was not new to pleasant surprises, yet, I must confess that I was pleasantly surprised by the lush vegetation and beautiful scenery of the resort’s environment. It has a river close by which runs into the Epe lagoon, and has tennis, volleyball and basketball courts all set amidst beguiling indigenous forest that borders the hillside of Epe town.

A stylish resort that blends contemporary and traditional designs, Epe Resort’s 40 rooms – which consist of 10 chalets of four rooms each, are all generously sized with patios overlooking the sprawling gardens. This makes it ideal for all occasions as the brochure says– either a romantic getaway, family vacation, private parties, corporate functions, team building events, executive management or staff retreats, conferences, training or just a study/research hideout or relaxation.

The Resort is, in my friend’s words, “a sanctuary to weary minds and spirits in need of rejuvenation”. This, in fact, is what the resort promises – “the perfect and luxurious getaway for business and leisure guests,” and faithfully delivers.

The resort has an abundance of amiable staff, very attractively designed reception, nicely decorated rooms, and a variety of mouth-watering meals – thanks to a professional in-house Chef. It also boasts of a beautiful, large-sized swimming pool nestled at a lovely centre of the premises. What stands out the most for me in Epe Resort, however, is its lovely, natural ambience.

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The resort showcases the crème de la crème of Nigerian culture while delivering the ultimate in personalised service, excellent cuisine, social style and business reliability. The abundance of decorative stonewalls with a blend of rich dark wood interiors create a look of elegance and luxury.

That this resort is located just 45-minutes drive away from the Lagos city centre, tucked away behind serene lush green hillside in a tropical forest bordering the Lekki Lagoon and seemingly unknown to someone like me all along amazes me even more.

Within this sub-tropical paradise, I found the highest expression of exclusive hospitality – and I think you will too, especially if what you long for is a sanctuary where you could concentrate or rest your weary minds and rejuvenate your spirit. As a guest, you can relax and trust the operators to spoil you with excellent service, relaxation and comfort – all the ingredients of an unforgettable experience. 

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And if you want to cap your visit, go to the spa to enjoy the languid pleasures of the spa treatment, especially the delightful Hammam Turkish bath. I recommend Epe Resort as an ideal place for a honeymoon, anniversary and meditation.

Here is an extra, the resort has a large space for events. I even heard that they handle/host events for their clients. 


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The sincerity of the manager’s lavish reception (the manager actually took his time to show me around the resort) made me look forward to visiting the resort again. Needless to say, with his over 30-years experience in the hospitality business; his attitude says something about the nexus between experience and service delivery. He left me with a firm conviction that customer satisfaction, defined by excellent service delivery should be a default attitude of all service providers.


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