I stand there gasping for breath after the mountain trail, gazing at the vast expanse of ocean with dreamy shades of blues.

Waves were busy caressing my feet, I can feel the wind in my hair,  hear the sound of waves crashing on the boulders, and not a single soul around.

A piece of paradise that is forever etched in my mind.


Blessed with unspoiled beaches and diverse flora and fauna. The beauty of Seychelles is unmatched and can’t be articulated in words.

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Not only beaches, Seychelles offers a plethora of activities such as biking, hiking, hopping from one island to another. Depending on the type of trip you’re planning, you’re likely to spend most of your time out in the sun or in the water.


Here is our take on “Packing for Seychelles” based on our experience.


You don’t need much, so pack items you can mix and match.


Swim Wear: Most of your days will be spent in swimwear splashing water, diving, snorkelling or swimming. So, pack in your best to flaunt in this beautiful paradise.

Kaftan, Sarong: Kaftan is the essential beach holiday must-pack.


Capri, Shorts  &  Tops: Your GO-TO outfit on most of the days, be it biking around the island or trekking mountain trails. Pack tank tops or t-shirts to go with shorts or capris.

Skirts: Pack them for rambling around the markets or visiting museums.


Maxi/ Midi Dress: Throw in some maxi, midi dresses for evenings and beach hopping.

Full Trouser for Men: Well most of the day you will be in your shorts or swimwear but make sure to pack cotton trouser if you are planning to visit Casino or for the fine dining in the resort.

Shirts: Pull out your tropical best or floral prints shirts from your wardrobe.




Trekking Shoes: Some of the most beautiful beaches in Seychelles like Petit Anse and Anse Coco are tucked behind small hills and to be able to enjoy such beautiful views you have to cross mountain trails. So it would be wise to pack a pair of trekking shoes.

Flippers – This one goes without saying, ensure that you pack a good pair of either beach shoes or flip-flops. Depending on the seasons, sea urchin can be found in the shallow water of some of the beaches. So, make sure you wear beach shoes while snorkelling or swimming.



Camera: Pack your camera to capture all the memories to reminiscence later.

Power Bank: Carry a power bank to charge your cell phone as most of the time you will be out exploring the islands.

Water Proof Camera: A good waterproof camera ensures that you capture the exquisite views that the marine world has to offer. We used a GoPro for the same, but in case if you do not want to buy another camera then you can buy a waterproof cover for your cell phone or camera.

iPod/ Music Player: Life without music is lifeless 😉

Drone ( optional): If you have one, then don’t miss packing it to this beautiful paradise. The Aerial shots are stupendously stunning.



Passport: No Brainer

Hotel Booking Documents: Make sure you carry the print out for visa purpose.

Driving license (if you have one): Renting a car and driving around is the best way to explore this tropical paradise.

Sailing License: You can even rent a yacht and hop around the islands. If you have one then do carry your sailing license.

Travel Insurance: Must have, in a case of medical emergency or flight cancellation due to bad weather.



Umbrella:  The weather can change from warm and sunny to dark and rainy. Ensure you pack one.

Hat: Wide brim hats are must pack item.

Sun Tan Lotion: It is advisable to pack suntan lotion as the sun can be a little too harsh in this tropical paradise.

Tote / Beach Bag: Make sure it fits in all your stuff – towels, bikini, sarong and food.


WaterProof Bags: A waterproof bag is a necessity as you would be spending time either on the beaches or on island excursions. A waterproof bag is a must when you are out exploring Seychelles to keep your camera safe in case of unexpected rainfall.

Beach Towel: You don’t need a reason for this, do you? Pack a compatible one.

Snorkelling Gear: Most of the hotels and resorts in Seychelles do not lend snorkelling gear so it would be wise to pack your own snorkelling gear. Moreover, there are many snorkelling points mostly in Praslin and La Digue where you need to travel by car or bicycle hence you would need your own snorkelling gear as there aren’t any shops around these places to lend you this gear for a rent.

Flashlight: Some of the roads in smaller islands like La Digue don’t have street lights, so in case you are heading back little late or venturing out in search of restaurants for dinner then it would be a good idea to carry a flashlight.

Basic Cooking Needs: Pack some basic cooking needs like sugar, salt, spices, powdered milk if you are planning to stay in a B&B. Some of the B&B’s do not provide the basic stuff as well. You can also pack some instant noodles for surviving in case you don’t find vegetarian food.

Medicine: Do carry some basic medicine for fever, diarrhoea, seasickness and headache. We did see a hospital near the Inter-Island ferry terminal in Mahe but finding a pharmacy in other islands might be a hassle. So it would be advisable to carry some basic medication.

Mosquito repellent: Make sure you pack a good insect repellent to ward off the bugs.

Journal: Don’t forget to take a journal or notebook to scribble down your emotions, ideas and inspirations.

Do you have any other must packs for Seychelles, if so why don’t you let me know by commenting below.


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