Sao Tome and Principe! I can almost hear you say where is that? That question goes with the name. Checked out on the map, the country occupies no more than a stamp size space. It is Africa’s second smallest country, and the least visited according to UNWTO.

The beauty





















Sao Tome and Principe is laid back and makes no noise of its bejeweled self, but those who have visited the archipelago almost always turn its apostle. Its location in the “watery armpit of the west and central Africa, deep in the Atlantic” provides it everything that nature could give to make blissful scenery.

Pristine bays, located at the foot of volcanos carpeted in an endless virgin rainforest, provide a background for the tranquillity that reigns on the quiet streets of this Island nation. Its few population complement the serenity that the atmosphere affords, while the resorts cap everything with a feel of home.











Like roses, Sao Tome and Principe does not promise that you’ll get its best without a price. For the lily-livered, getting to the Island is a top tough price as very few airlines travels there.  However, those who persevere can hope for a unique experience.











There are three airports on the Archipelago but the one at Sao Tome is the most popular and serves as a major entry point into the country. People also travel there by water, using the chance to explore neighboring countries.











In Sao Tome, Monte Café—a coffee plantation on the Island is usually the first stop for many—that is after seeing some villages and waterfalls. A stopover at a beachside restaurant and general city tour that includes seeing the cathedral, independence square, a colonial fort and the presidential palace, form a part of a daily itinerary.

Tourists that are more adventurous add a visit to Pico de Sao Tome, the highest point in the country to their trip. At 2024m above the sea level and seated in the heart of the island’s untracked rainforest, climbing this mountain is a big test of endurance for those who try, but the experience is tremendous. A trip up the mountain usually takes a couple of days in the rainforest.










45 minutes on Air Sao Tomes is all it takes to get to Principe from Sao Tome. This Island is smaller than Sao Tome but more at home for beach-loving tourists. It has some of the best, picture-perfect and natural beaches you’ll find around, and when you consider the palms that line the beaches, you’ll think you were in the Pacific or the Caribbean, just that it’s more unspoiled and with a fewer crowd.










If you venture up the coast on a boat, you get a chance to see the Island from a vantage point. You’ll see abandoned buildings and lush rainforest. You’ll also meet the local fishing villages and watch how these people have lived for years. And these will drive home the point that Sao Tome and Principe is a country rich in natural beauty, a perfect place for a peace seeking soul. 

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