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We are in Harare this week, which is the capital city of Zimbabwe. It is the country with the oldest serving and most educated president, Robert Mugabe. It shares the wonderful Victoria Falls with Zambia. To see more information of this country, click here.

Today we would be preparing a staple dish, Traditional Guru, also known as tripe with Muriwo (vegetable).



1kg Kuru

Small lemon wedge

Small fresh ginger bulb, peeled

1 tsp garlic and herb seasoning

3 garlic cloves, chopped

1 small onion, chopped

3 medium chopped tomatoes

¼ tsp curry powder

½ bundle chomolia (Kale)

2 tbsp sunflower oil


Thoroughly wash the tripe and remove all the fat before cutting it into medium slices and put it in a pot. Add enough water to cover the pot and add salt, the lemon wedge, ginger, garlic and herb season.

tripe (1)

Bring to a boil. Reduce heat to the lowest. Let the tripe simmer until it is cooked through. Remove all stock from the pot.

Add the oil and garlic to the pot and increase the heat. Fry for about two minutes. Add the onion and curry powder. Fry for another two minutes until onions are semi fried.

herb seasoning

Add the tomatoes and let it fry a bit for about three minutes. Add the chopped vegetables (Muriwo) and let it cook for three to five minutes.



Enjoy with Sadza.

Recipe by: ZimboKitchen

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