Capture, display, save, and preserve the visual heritage of Reunion Island are the catchwords of the Open Window Project Reunion. As a result of this project, the exhibition of the same name is now open in the City of Volcano, the Plaine de Caffres until March 1.

Window on Reunion has produced 24 documentaries that offer a virtual stroll through the 24 towns of the island. Through a combination of innovative technologies to the image service, details, previously invisible, are eye-catching and offer a new insight about Reunion Island’s way of life and attractions. Visitors will have the opportunity to discover Reunion Island from a new angle and get a real feeling of life here.

The concept of Window on Reunion aims to enhance the visual heritage of the island. The project, designed as a time capsule of the web, will ensure the continuity of this heritage and will bear witness to future generations.

The films have captured the essence of Reunion Island according to different themes, representative of the island: landscapes, spatial planning, tourism, heritage, companies, and industries.

Window on Reunion is open until March 1,2015.

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Source: Reunion Island Tourism (IRT)
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