Freetown is one of West Africa’s most alluring capitals. Lively and calm, Sierra Leone’s largest city has a slew of lovely beaches and pretty mountains. In recent times, the country had suffered, first from a civil war and later the outbreak of the Ebola virus disease. However, no matter how gloomy a situation may be, people always find a way to be happy and celebrate.

Ma Dengn: Let’s Come Together…

The expression Ma Dengn comes from the Kuranko dialect, one of the local languages spoken in Sierra Leone and it means, “Let’s meet” or “Let’s come together.” Inaugurated in 2009, the Ma Dengn Beach Festival is the first-ever beach festival in the West African country.

Conceived out of a collective need to celebrate and promote Sierra Leonean culture through music, the arts, literature, cuisine and the beautiful terrain, Ma Dengn Beach Festival is gradually becoming one of the most important festivals in the country.

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Ma Dengn Beach Festival takes place in December and it is usually a 2-day raucous mega beach party celebration, showcasing not just the Sierra Leonean culture and music, but perhaps the country’s most prized and unique assets – its magnificent coastline.

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During the two days of Ma Dengn Beach Festival, the crowd are treated to the best of live music from a host of Sierra Leonean stars. The festival ground is packed with local entrepreneurs and artisanal stalls displaying local fabrics, and all kinds of unique souvenirs.

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Ma Dengn Beach Festival also features fashion shows, short skits and poetry, an array of tantalizing local delicacies and dishes, and a section for the kids with bouncy castle. An entrance fee of about $5 for each day of Ma Dengn Beach Festival is charged.

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