People travel around for different reasons: research, fun, adventure and the fun of being among the lucky few who have visited every country on the planet. Whatever your purpose, understanding what it takes to have the best experience at each destination is always invaluable. I have heard people talk affectionately about destinations which others describe as no-go areas. The bottom-line as always is understanding your destination, and learning how to squeeze juice from its rock! Today, I will share with you tips on how to enjoy your trip to Comoros Island.

Comoros, an archipelago country scattered across the Indian Ocean, is probably one of the least known tourists’ destinations in Africa. Yet, it offers a lot in ecotourism, relaxation and is a perfect getaway from the known but troubling ‘planet’. The “Islands of the Moon, as it is often called, offers a variety of outdoor activities and water sports including hiking, camping, diving, sailing, and those who need some relaxation would definitely take delight in sunbathing on its white-sand seashore.

Holidaying in Comoros is for everyone who understands the basics of living in a volcanic archipelago. However, these basic things, though they seem obvious, should help you get going on the Islands.


Islam is well pronounced on the Island, so learn to respect the Islamic traditions



Comoros Island is mainly a Muslim-dominated nation as such Islam and all its tradition are well pronounced on the island. This is not to say that the Island is a no go area for non-Muslims, rather, this should be a signal to non-Muslims visiting the Island to learn about, and respect the Islamic tradition. As a tourist, make modesty your watchword. Women should cover up, and for both sexes, alcohol is a no-no, if you have to take some, do so in your closet.


The Island is conservative and slow


This is not where you have everything done fast or in haste. Islanders like to take their time. You will often hear mora mora on the Island, it means slow slow, no rush. Everything is slow here; even the process of developing the Island’s tourism facilities is not left out so be ready to calm down. This is where lessons in patience, humility and resilience come handy.


Politics and Leisure


These unfamiliar spheres seem to have Siamese twin-kind-of relationship on the Island. The island is not a place to go if you are a politician interested in less risky politics. In fact, the island is nicknamed ‘cloud coup-coup’ land because of its people’s ‘crazy’ love for politics. Since 1975, there have been 20 coups; more like a Comorian President is barely sworn in before armed men gather to kick him out. Neither is the island for you if leisure means drinking punch in a skimpy bikini at a swank resort. You will enjoy Comoros, however, if holiday for you means long, lazy days of sipping tea and discussing politics with Comorians.


Learn to play Dominos


It is easier to find men on the Island spending many hours discussing in the shade and playing dominos. Knowing how to play this game will be a major plus in getting along in such settings. The other popular local game is bao, this game is played using board carved with 32 holes.




The above tips may be obvious to you as I said earlier, but keeping them at heart as you embark on your journey to Comoros Island will help you enjoy the goods embedded in this Perfumed Islands. These goodies include an escape from the stressful artificial city life you have always known, having some refreshing and inspirational time off in a relaxing atmosphere of untouched wonderful nature with lush foliage, majestic waterfalls, picturesque towns, and incredible coral reefs.



Besides, if you love unique adventure, the above is all the more useful. It will help you connect and discover the wonders of Comoros – a country that shelters some endangered species in its seas and forests, such as the Hawksbill and green sea turtles, the Coelacanth (or Gombessa)—an endangered “living fossil” fish once thought to be extinct for millions of years. Another wonder found nowhere else in the world is the Livingstone’s flying fox, a fruit bat with a 3-meter wingspan.

There is so much to see, don’t miss Comoros Island during your next holiday!



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