Rich history defined by amazing sphinx and pyramids, nature- highlighted by the longest river in the world, the Nile, wonderful beaches, mouth-watering dishes like the Koshary, as well as warm, amiable folks, make Egypt a top destination for leisure and luxury holiday. If you are still wondering how to go about getting to this meeting place of Arab and Africa, this piece should help you.

To visit Egypt on holiday, you begin by checking if you need a visa – of course, you should have an international passport. Citizens of most countries need a visa to visit Egypt. If you’ll need an Egyptian visa, then you might have to check if your country is one of the 46 countries whose passport holders can apply for the Egyptian e-visa.

If you’re not eligible. You’ll need to complete and print the application form available here. Print the completed application form and personally submit it with the following documents at the Egyptian Embassy closest to you where you’ll also be scheduled for an interview:

  1. An international passport with at least two unused visa pages, and a copy of the information page. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months.
  2. Copies of your previous visa.
  3. Two recent passport-sized photographs (2 x2).
  4. Copy of travel health insurance certificate (get one here: call +234-903-000-1895 or email: [email protected]).
  5. A government-body issued health clearance certificate (Yellow Card for Nigerians).
  6. Letter of invitation – if you are visiting a friend, relations or an organization. Alternatively,
  7. A printout copy of confirmed hotel reservation (get one here: call +234-903-000-1895 or email: [email protected]).
  8. A letter of introduction from your employer indicating your designation, duration of your stay or leave from the company. (click here to see sample)
  9. A printout copy of flight reservation (get one here: call +234-903-000-1895 or email: [email protected]).
  10. Recent 6 months bank statement dully endorsed by your bank.
  11. Receipt of visa fee.
  12. Your valid visa, if you are applying from another country that’s not your home country.

After your interview, you’ll be given a date to pick up your passport. If your application is successful, the relevant Egyptian visa will be stamped on your valid passport. It allows you to travel to Egypt for a specified period.

Extra Information

Quite frankly, the Egyptian embassy frequently refuse many applications because most applicants often do not meet other internal requirements – e.g. minimum financial requirements, or some documents could not be verified – e.g. hotel reservation.

These internal requirements change per time, but most people do not know. This fact, coupled with the need to bypass the stress of documentation and bureaucratic bottleneck is why we often recommend a trustworthy visa consultant to handle your visa application.

If you need a visa consultant, call +234-903-000-1895 or email: [email protected].

Here is a list of what you’ll get for using a visa consultant:

  1. Consultation and confirmation that this visa is appropriate for you
  2. Thorough preparation of your visa application
  3. An extensive checklist of documents that you need for your visa application
  4. A full review of your personal, financial & employment history
  5. Careful arrangement of all correspondence with government agencies
  6. Submission of your visa application to the proper government agencies
  7. Expert advice on how to handle yourself at your Consular interview
  8. Unlimited assistance over the phone and in person


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