Most Lagosians are up well before dawn to start a new day, and many don’t return home until very late. If you live here, you may never think of fun, except you are mindful of it. Unfortunately, nobody thinks of missed work while on their dying bed; rather, people regret the fun they missed and the relaxation they robbed themselves of while chasing after money. If you wish to turn over a new leaf, here are a few good places you should spend your weekend in Lagos.

At Afro Tourism, we practise what we preach, so feel free to join us this weekend and let’s take a moment to enjoy Lagos together as we tour these interesting places together: click here to reserve a slot.

This photo of Lekki Conservation Centre is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Lekki Conservation Centre

Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC) is a top urban Nature Park that allows you to enjoy what’s left of nature in a city that is too hasty to modernize. Lagos has no Zoo and no botanical garden of note, except this park. Come around and take in the fresh air that the urban atmosphere won’t offer. Interestingly, LCC is also a playground for people of all ages. Feel free to organize your picnic at one of the gazebos, keep a date with the Knights, King and Queen on the huge chessboard designed on a floor with 16 big pieces, or just enjoy games such as beach volleyball or board games like Ludo, Snake and Ladder, Draught, etc., while nature performs some therapy on you.

The longest canopy walk in Africa is also at the park. Take a walk on it and capture an amazing panoramic view of this interesting playground. You can even stroll around on the wooden walkway to spot some animals in their natural habitat.

The good thing about LCC is that it allows you to define how you want your experience to be. There is almost no restriction on what you can come in with, so, come with your food, games and a desire to enjoy nature.

Nike Davis Okundaye taking a guest on a tour

Nike Art Gallery

If you love arts, this place is for you. Nike Okundaye herself epitomises art, love and beauty. Her gallery in Lagos is an enormous building located at Lekki. Here, she houses over 7000 collections of contemporary and traditional Nigerian arts—including a textile museum. If you are lucky to meet her when you visit, she’ll be glad to personally take you on a tour—which won’t be short of an interesting exposure to Nigerian culture through arts. I’m sure you’ll leave the gallery with an extra (Yoruba) name.

Lekki Art and Craft Market| Credit: Sassy Funke

Lekki Arts and Crafts Market

Also known as Oba Elegushi International Market or Jakande Art Market, this gem of a place offers a variety of artwork for art aficionados. There are many shops and beautiful pieces to see (if you are window-shopping) and pick from. The painting works here are just amazing. The marketers even make a visit to be fulfilled as they gladly offer lessons about their pieces that’ll make you love arts the more.

Weekend in Lagos| Credit: Incredible Lagos

Rufus & Bee

Play, eat, drink and laugh…these just summarize the experience at Rufus &Bee. It’s an amusement arcade with loads of games to choose from: try your hands on the shooting game, dancing, hoops, race cars, or table hockey and see how many coins you can win to take home a freebie. There is also a great dining experience. It’s a cool place for friends and family.


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