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It’s not every day that you get the chance to escape your monotonous routine for awe-inspiring beaches and adrenaline filled adventures. Whether your African excursions take you to the white sands of Mauritius or on a safari across the tranquil plains of Tanzania, you and your significant other will feel entirely brand new! Take advantage of your new, exotic identity by breaking your normal script both outside and inside the bedroom, and redefine the love you’ve shared together.

Get Risky

Nothing will bring you two closer together than a little danger. In the “Bridge Study,” a famous study regarding the psychology of attraction, individuals who interact under dangerous, adrenaline-inducing conditions demonstrated higher levels of arousal towards one another! Don’t worry- you don’t need to defy death in order to heat things up. Opt for the most adventurous activities during your exotic getaway, like white-water rafting in Jinja, Uganda or hiking throughout Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.

Capture the Romance

Sure, you and your significant other’s romantic adventure will be pretty unforgettable, but why chance it? Be sure to bring along your favourite camera and familiarize yourself with some tips for getting the best travel photos to document your blossoming love. Get creative with your photoshoots- we’re talking a little less touristy and a lot more tantalizing. Take turns snapping sexy photos of one another while lounging on the beach or when you’re “cooling down” in the bedroom. Boudoir photos can turn the heat to an entirely new level when you’re in an unfamiliar place, and will certainly help replay fond memories whenever you come across them years down the road. Your significant other will love seeing you in a different light, no doubt amplified by the breathtaking scenery around you.

Reconnect Physically and Spiritually

Take advantage of the gorgeous weather your African destination offers, throw down your yoga mats, and get stretching. Not ready to bend yourself into a pretzel? Couple’s yoga isn’t about perfection when practising, but rather about taking risks with your bodies while creating positions and placing your breathing in sync with one another. Due to partner-yoga having the ability to increase sexual response and stamina, being on the same level with the one you love, both physically and spiritually, is likely to take you to another level you’ve never experienced. According to the University of California, Los Angeles, practising yoga together can also dramatically reduce performance anxiety, which can cause medical concerns like erectile dysfunction. If you do end up coming across this problem, there are helpful performance-enhancing medications available to get you and your partner reconnecting again.

Yoga | Image by alex_hammerschmied


Learn something new

You know what they say- the brain is the body’s greatest sexual organ. As the operating centre for your neurotransmitters, nerves, and hormones, the brain will regulate sexual desires and be sure that your body is in the right state when the time is right. The perfect way to keep this organ happy is to stimulate it! Provide a new twist to date night and opt for something neither you nor your partner has done before. Whether it is learning to cook a traditional African meal, creating art at one of the many craft centres of Bo-Kaap, Cape Town, or venturing into South Africa’s music scene, your brains senses will be fully awake! Even better, studies have found that couples who try new things build a stronger bond, setting them up for a healthier, long-term relationship.

Unplug to Recharge Your Relationship

Cut the digital ties while on holiday | Image by MabelAmber

From the beaches of Zanzibar to the thriving history in Gaborone, Botswana, there is so much beauty to be seen in Africa. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you and your partner missed it? With the exception of taking out your camera or Smartphone to document the picture-perfect moments of your trip, keep it safely packed away. This vacation is your opportunity to reignite the romance you and your significant other felt during your first moments together. Staying present and fully attentive to what your partner is saying and feeling is vital to achieving this!  Additionally, cutting your digital ties will benefit your vacation, lowering levels of anxiety and thus allowing you to truly experience all that your romantic, exotic getaway has to offer.


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