Today, January 12, is the birthday of a Nigerian and African tourism icon, Mr. IKECHI UKO! A consummate travel professional, Ikechi Uko wears many hats (pun intended). He is a travel business consultant, travel promoter, tourism development consultant, media consultant, travel writer and author.

In the past 13 years, Mr. Uko has successfully organized and hosted AKWAABA – African Travel Market®, the first international travel and tourism expo in West Africa. He is also the brains behind Accra Weizo©, Abuja JABAMAH© and Port Harcourt BANTABA©. In addition, he is the CEO of Jedidah Promotions, publisher of African Travel Quarterly magazine,, Project Coordinator of Seven Wonders of Nigeria, and a consultant to Calabar Carnival, Africa’s largest street party. Ikechi Uko is happily married to Rita and the union is blessed with lovely children.

Afro Tourism® celebrates Mr. Ikechi Uko and felicitates with him on this special day wishing him all the best in his various endeavours.


See a clip of AKWAABA 2016

See a clip of Port Harcourt BANTABA 2017

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