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Come with us as we bring you the most popular boutique hotels in Marrakech – the city that combines class and sophistication in an inimitable style. The beautiful architecture of these hotels is a mix of the ancient and modern. And yes, you can even customize your total experience days before your arrival. The elegant rooms, sumptuous cuisine, stylish spa, swimming pools, sunbath, rooftop meals, and sightseeing the Medina are among the many treats that makes Marrakech a perfect vacation experience. Above all, the courteousness and politeness of the hotel staff is simply second to none. Marrakech’s boutique indeed awaits you.



If you’re given to judging to a book by its cover, then you might miss out on this oasis of calm in a town of madness. Strategically located near the Jemaa el-Fnaa square and the Souks, Les Jardins De La Koutoubia’s proximity is certainly an added advantage for tourists who would love to just pop over to the Medina without having to deal with the hassle of taking cabs every time. The hotel is simply charming, with awesome architecture and very friendly staffers. The food is also good. As a matter of fact, you should check out the great meals served by the Indian restaurant on the roof terrace. No matter how stressful your day is, the hotel’s reputable Moroccan hammam and toning massage will surely calm and relax your body. And you can as well opt for the heated pool on the roof or the daybeds by the bigger pool in the courtyard. The rooms are big and very traditional, while the tranquility at the lobby, cigar bar and relaxation corners are simply haven. A stay at this boutique hotel is worth every dime.


La Maison Arabe

The exquisite La Maison Arabe is unarguably one of Marrakech’s best boutique hotels. Situated within the Medina, the La Maison is just a 5-minute walking distance from the Jemma El Fna square, the Koutoubia and the Handicrafts Center. Check into the hotel to the waiting arms of a warm and polite staff that showers you with maximum attention and comfort you can ever imagine. The hotel’s rooms are luxuriously designed, beautiful and spacious, with stunning views of the city’s landscape. Dining at the La Maison Arabe is always a delight; and the Moroccan food is good, with huge portions served elegantly yet traditionally – which include starters and desserts. In the evenings, meals are beautifully set out around the tastefully lit pool where a local band spices up the experience with exciting music. The best part is the tour guide, which the hotel allocates to you. The one i met was called Ahmed and he gives tourists endless insights into this beautiful city that he so passionately loves.



Looking for the perfect Riad within the heart of Marrakech? Welcome to Riad Kniza, a calming and soothing Marrakech hub, perfect for relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding Medina. For starters, a Riad style hotel is a large mansion with an atrium in the middle with a pool and restaurant. Regardless of the heat, the Riad Kniza is designed to stay cool and shady, and its rooms spacious and comfortable. If you are lucky enough to have your birthday fall during your stay at Kniza, then get set for a birthday surprise from the hotel’s ever pleasant staff. You can also make customized breakfast requests and get the staff to run errands for you without any extra charge. And if you’ll like to have your meal served on the hotel’s lovely roof terrace or by the pool, the choice is yours. Need to connect and stay in touch with your friends or business online? Not to worry, the hotel has a Wi-Fi that works very well. In all, staying at Riad Kniza simply makes you want to come back to Marrakech. It’s worth every penny.

Mosaic Palais Aziza & Spa


If you want a vacation spot where you’ll get pampered to high heavens, Mosaic Palais Aziza & Spa is the place to be. This stunning boutique hotel runs its own shuttle service which picks you up from the airport and also takes you on tour the new and old Marrakech areas, on request. The rooms are beautifully decorated, with many adjoining terraces to the swimming pools and garden. The exotic suites are a delight to stay in, and of course the hotel’s gym, sauna and steam room are facilities you must experience. The spa is unbelievably awesome and their massage will leave you and your soft skin in a delightful pseudo-coma of pleasure and total relaxation. Okay before you get too neck deep into the hotel, remember, there’s life outside. On request, the staff will gladly help you arrange for exciting outdoor activities such as quad biking, camel riding and even eating out at beautiful restaurants within the city. If you’re however picky when it comes to food, relax, the Mosaic Palais will blow your mind. Be rest assured, the hotel makes an amazing range of freshly cooked home-made meals and its amazing wine selection will surely leave you asking for more. Indeed, if you’re looking for a relaxing oasis away from the hustle of the Medina, this is it.



Ask any seasoned traveler who has been to Dar Charkia and what they’ll tell you is simply this: Dar Charkia is the best! Before you raise your eyebrow in doubt, let’s take you on a journey into this remarkable boutique hotel in Marrakech. Imagine spending 6 days in a fantasy home customized to your taste and prepared well ahead of your arrival. The professionalism, kindness and attention to detail come so naturally to the hotel’s owners (Lisa and Michael) and staff. No question is too silly to ask anyone at the hotel, as they’re more than pleased to provide useful hints about navigating the Medina and its local customs. What’s more, the rooftop terrace is so tranquil that a single sound from the hustle-and-bustle of the Marrakesh surroundings won’t spill into your ears. Order a cup of orange juice and you’ll be thrilled at how the freshly squeezed juice is sourced from fresh orange trees grown within the hotel garden. Now do you agree that Dar Charkia isn’t just over-rated? If still in doubt, then go on a visit. Trust us, Dar Charkia is better experienced than imagined.

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