As soon as the second month of the year arrives – for those who use the Gregorian calendar – a certain feeling pervades the air, making hearts flutter gently and heads giddy and light, as if intoxicated with sweet wine. Yeah, you guessed right. It’s the countdown to the 14th of February, celebrated all over the world as St. Valentine or Lovers’ Day.

Some will argue that the celebration of love should not be limited to a single day – and I agree. Yes, love should be a daily celebration. But a special period should be set aside. It’s like your birthday. Celebrate yourself every day, but your birthday stands out and stands YOU out. So does February 14. Designed for you and that special person…

This year, Valentine Day falls on a Saturday. Perfect for a weekend getaway to a romantic destination in Africa, or on one of its surrounding islands.


Here’s a list of 7 possible things you can do this Valentine:


  • Spend private moments on exclusive beaches in Mozambique, Zanzibar, Mauritius…

Romantic Cocktail for lovers by the beach in Mauritius


Romantic happy couple inlove relaxing on a yacht in Mozambique


Beautiful vacation sunset in Zanzibar


  • Share a dreamy evening camping under the stars on a safari in Kenya, Tanzania, and South Africa…

Camping under the stars in Kenya


Tent under the stars in South Africa


  • Enjoy a romantic boat or dhow cruise on the Nile, Lake Malawi, St. Lucia, Zambezi…

Dhow cruise on the Nile


  • Try a desert rendezvous in Sharm el-Sheik, Egypt, Dogon region in Mali, or Douz in Tunisia…

Camel in Egypt


Sahara desert Safari in Tunisia

Sahara desert Safari in Tunisia


Camel caravan Morocco


  • Explore the archipelagoes of Bijagó (Guinea-Bissau), Madagascar; or even rent an island in Seychelles…

Rent an Island in Seychelles


Nosy- Komba Madagascar


  • Go shopping in Marrakesh, Cape Town…

Marrakech, Morrocco


Colorful handmade leather shoes in Marrakesh


  • Party all night from Valentine eve in Funchal, Madeira…

Traditional downhill sledge trip Funchal, Madeira


Party in Funchal, Madeira



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