Malawi is known for its vibrant and colourful cities. Tourists, because of the welcoming and friendly local people, popularly refer to this country as the “Warm Heart of Africa”. During a tour of Blantyre, visitors are quick to discover it’s one of the popular cities in this country where tourists can get engaged with the local people and find it really awesome to spend some quality time exploring the urban vibes and the villages’ tranquility. If you’ll love to visit this colourful city, let me help you with a tour of Blantyre to some of its awe-inspiring sites.

Mount Soche and the Ndirande, Chiradzulu and Michiru mountains overlook Blantyre, forming the Michiru Mountain Conservation Area which is a good hiking site.

view of Blantyre from Michiru Mountain

You can access Blantyre via the Chileka Airport. It is a small airport alright, but it’s where you are launched into an African vacation with historical and cultural sightseeing. At the airport, you’ll find ready help with the airport porters, if you’ll like to use their hands, you should consider giving them a thank you Kwacha (Malawian currency), not that they’d always ask, it’s just a way of showing a sense of gratitude.

Chileka International Airport

From the airport, you can use a hired taxi which is advisable for persons who are claustrophobic; the minibus, however, gives you the instant pulse of the city, it sits five passengers and will take you straight into the heart of town.


You’ll know you are in town as soon as you see the city’s Clock Tower, it’s a bent concrete in an attractively landscaped roundabout. Anyway, that’s not the welcoming sign, it’s just one of the city’s landmarks.

Blantyre Tower Clock

Welcome to Malawi

Just off Old Chileka Road is the iconic and exceptional architecture of St Michaels and All Angels Church built by the Church of Scotland in 1888. Rev. Alexander Hetherwick is reported to have described the building as the first permanent Christian Church erected … between the Zambezi and the Nile.


Blantyre is also home to the over a-century-old Mandala House, a one-storey building that was the headquarters of the African Lakes Corporation in the late 19th century. It’s today, the oldest remaining European building in Malawi and now houses a library, an art gallery, and a restaurant.


The Chichiri Museum—(also known as Malawi Museum), which houses a collection of traditional weapons and artifacts, as well as exhibits relating to traditional dance, European exploration, and slavery, is equally located in Blantyre,  so is the natural wonder in the Michuiru Nature Sanctuary.


Blantyre Nature Sanctuary hyena-caves

There are various restaurants and hotels in Blantyre, as well as pubs and sports bars. The last decade has seen much of the nightlife diffused from the city center to the suburbs, making taxis a necessary part of any stay in the city.



Shopping in Blantyre is easy as the largest Mall in Malawi, the new Chichiri Mall, is located in this city, and you can go for beer tasting at Carlsberg Malawi Brewery Limited, located at Malimidwe Road, in Makata Industrial Area.


Blantyre is Malawi’s oldest city, but a tour of the city doesn’t suggest stagnancy, it’s a thriving commercial town with lovely people, incredible history, inspiring monuments, and nice ambiance.

Visit this city to experience a pulsating African city with a difference. 


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