Traveling the world is one of life’s greatest experience. Traveling forces you out of your comfort zone and teaches you about yourself and the world around you that have hitherto been taken for granted.

Here are seven important life lessons you learn from exploring the world out there

#1  You’re never alone


















More often than not, the good thing about traveling is that even in unfamiliar landscapes, you’re surrounded by people – even if you don’t know them. You’re truly never alone; and people all over the world are generally friendly and welcoming. Simply saying ‘Hi’ could strike up a conversation with a stranger who can turn into a friend within minutes.


#2 You learn how to rely on others

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As an adult use to taking care of  yourself, traveling is one experience that transports you back to that childlike state. You encounter new and unknown things that leave you in awe. You ask for directions or tips on where to go around town and things to do in that new environment you find yourself. It’s amazing when you realize that a big part of your journey relies on the kindness of strangers.


#3 You learn to relax




Traveling forces you to slow down, become still and put everything back at home on pause. Stepping out of your ‘habitat’ helps you to appreciate how amazing life is and you learn not to worry about everything. Those priceless quiet moments on your trip affords you the opportunity to grab your notepad and pen down your experience thus far as you journey along.


#4 You can have fun anywhere


















It is often said that the journey, not the destination, makes a trip. And that’s indeed one of traveling’s greatest truths. Whoever says you can’t make a connection with someone sitting next to you on a bus or while waiting to board your next flight. The beauty of travel is the joy you find in those small moments during your trip – which includes pulling your tablet and sharing funny videos with that person sitting next to you.


#5 You can survive with a lot less than you think


















It’s not unusual to over pack for trips, but most times when you’re traveling you realize you only need about half of what you actually brought. A great idea is to look up what other travelers vising that region recommend. Pack your suitcase or backpack, then take a second look at what you have and eliminate anything you find unnecessary. You’ll be glad when you later realize you have more room to bring home gifts.


#6 The world is a lot less scary than we think




















There’s a tendency to cringe at the idea of traveling beyond your familiar terrain, no thanks to the myriad news items we pore on daily. But stepping out pushes us to confront our fears and interact with the world in a different way than we’re used to. By traveling the world, you realize that more often than not, people are the same everywhere – good, kind and not out to hurt you.


#7 The world is filled with incredible food


Do you ever get bored by the daily culinary routine? Well, step out and explore the world. You’ll be thrilled to experience amazing meals you’ve never tasted before. Traveling opens you up to new meals that are capable of setting your taste buds ablaze. And while at it you’ll indeed realize how amazing the food is all around the world.

What significant lesson did you learn the last time you traveled?



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