Hurry! Easter is here. I am excited about the four-day weekend/holiday already. I guess you are too? In case you are wondering what to do with the 96-hour break, let me share my plans with you, you definitely can pick one or two ideas from me to make your Easter a fun-filled one – don’t hesitate to share your plans in the comment section too if you have one already, we definitely can help one another, cheers!

Enjoy nice food and games

It’s been a while since I had the chance to put the foodie part of me to work; this Easter would be the time I reactive that part with a day at one of the big restaurants in my neighbour. You’ll definitely find one in yours too; where meals are offered the buffet-style so that you can help yourself to anything you want after paying the single ticket price. In most cases, this should be under $10. I look forward to eating all I could, watch some live matches, play games and generally indulge myself in all the fun stuff I have missed since Christmas.

Hit the Beach

When did you last feel the fine sands of seashores beneath your feet, December right? Easter is offering another opportunity to do that, and to release yourself to the gentle treatment of cool breeze, gaze at beautiful lapping of waters as they create incredible waves and probably try out some water sports and beach activities…I can’t wait.

Relax at a Resort

You should try this if you want time away, especially if you want the time alone with your better half or family. Many resorts around have loads of fun activities to keep friends and families busy – especially families with children. Easter could be the time for such family hangout and fun. Interestingly, you don’t necessarily have to stay over at the resort, a daycation to a resort would be sufficient to have all the fun you need.

De-stress at a Spa

This 4-day holiday should be a good time to pamper yourself with touches and treatment by good masseur. Sip some champagne, relax and enjoy a hot bath, and free up your stress through a good massage in one of the good spas around you. You definitely need it after the year’s first quarter’s stress.

Get Entertained


Cinemas, fairground, parks, malls and event centres are usually busy areas during Easter. Obviously, this Easter won’t be any different and you can already see signs of it with billboards and fliers advertising different events. Get your own ticket and enjoy some comedy shows, live plays or just grab some popcorn and watch the latest movies at the cinema, whatever suits your fancy! Just make sure you have a fabulous Easter.

Road trip to a neighbouring city

You can use one of the 4 days to take a tour of a neighbouring city with your friends. Fill your tank, pack everything you need and go somewhere exotic in the next city to yours; do it just for the fun of changing your environment.

Relax and Enjoy the comfort of Your Home

Oh, this is as straightforward as it is! You could spend the time appreciating the essence of Easter, relaxing, or turn your home into a cinema with Netflix if you so wish. You may even invite a few friends over for Easter. It’s all up to you! Just make it a Fantastic Easter! Remember…You only live once!


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