Vilankulo is a beautiful coastal town in Mozambique that many people consider no more than a gateway to other touristy destinations. However, Vilankulo itself is not a pushover, I was there and had a good time and I will like to share with you some of the reasons why Vilankulo is a perfect place for your next holiday.

1. Cost Effective


Vilankulo is the gateway to the exquisite Bazarute Archipelago and its distinguished Islands. To most people who wish to visit the Bazaruto Islands, the prohibitive cost of staying there always breaks the heart, but Vilankulo provides a perfect base from where you can explore Bazaruto’s spectacular splendour. The highlights of a trip to any of the Bazaruto Islands include a gaze at the crystal turquoise water, a walk on the soft white sand, and miles of sand dunes, beach and coral as well as a visit to the exclusive marine national park located there. While Bazaruto attracts many people, Vilankulo supports many visitors with cost saving options and its own standout attractions. In Vilankulo you’ll find nice beaches, various grades of accommodations and, you can’t beat this, nice food at affordable prices!

2. Dhow Safari


The dhow safari is one of vilankulo signatures, the cruise on an ancient wooden boat allows tourists to experience Vilankulo’s waters and the islands making up the Bazaruto Archipelago in an incomparable way. The Dhow safari is a blend of beach holiday experience with adventurous exploration and discovery of Mozambique’s uncharted tourism treasure.

3. Spectacular Nightlife


Vilankulo is a busy, charming and electrifying city. In addition to its beautiful beaches and nice, friendly people, the city has incredibly vibrant nightlife curated by its fun-loving residents, visitors, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. This lively nightlife is partly why many tourists love to use Vilankulo as base for their trips to other touristy places.

4. Delicious Food

Sea food


Who says no to a good meal? Well, I have not met such person since I’ve been asking this question. Vilankulo is where you get some of the nicest meals Mozambique has to offer, whether local or continental. It’s in this town that you’ll find nice, affordable and fresh-from-the-sea seafood such as crayfish—the size of one’s head, kingfish, calamari, clams and heaps of prawns. Here is also where you can enjoy local specialities such as ice cream made from the fruit of the baobab tree or the cashew fruit gin, as well as the matapa – a thick greenish stew made from cassava leaves, peanuts, garlic, coconut milk and minced prawns.

5. Loads of Activities


Vilankulo is a nice coastal town where you can spend quality time by the sea enjoying every moment as time glides by under your feet. Beyond looking at the sea’s beautiful colours of turquoise and deep blue seemingly stacked on top of each other, you can try horse riding along the endless beaches in Vilankulo. Alternatively (or in addition to the previously mentioned) why not throw in a tour of a fishing village, stop by at a kite-surfing centre for a bit of kite surfing, diving and snorkelling excursions, or embark on a dhow safari on traditional Arab sailing vessels. Actually, the list of things to do is seemingly endless.


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