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Are you looking for the best tourist destination for a road trip leisure to relax your minds? Apart from experiencing life outdoors and enjoying the scenery in the diverse range of climates, a successful road trip should help you improve your creativity that can help you boost your productivity. You also experience better moods that help you to stay on a high note with your health and fitness goals.

To experience the desired success in your road trips, you need to go to the best places with a wonderful road experience and relaxing moods when you are through with your long tips. In this post, you will learn about the best 5 cities for road trips you can visit this season.

Remember, a road trip is not the ordinary journey you usually have when you travel by bus to meet a friend in another city. You, therefore, need to plan well for a successful road trip this season. Carry the necessary gear, plan ahead, and make a sustainable budget – at the least.

These are the best road trips destinations to consider.

1. South Island in New Zealand

South Island is a vast route for a wonderful road trip. You need to prepare to drive for an entire 556 miles (895km) length from the top to the bottom. The best way to enjoy your trip is by making it an independent adventure. South Island road trip makes the best way to view the beauty of New Zealand.

For a complete trip, you may take up to a whole day or more. It is, therefore, necessary to make arrangements on where you shall spend your nights and how to get food at affordable rates along the way. The diversity in the landscape in the area makes it a good destination for a road trip. On your road trip, remember to visit the Pancake Rocks in Punakaiki to complete your experience.

2. Causeway Coast in Northern Ireland

Ireland has two road trips: the Wild Atlantic Way and the Causeway Coastal Route. The former is a much bigger (1,600 miles in length) road trip compared to the Causeway Coast (measuring about 120 miles). But, although short, the Causeway Coastal Route gives you numerous sceneries for amazing stopovers.

One of the beautiful spots along the Causeway in Northern Ireland is the Dark Hedges. Although they cover a short distance of 0.6 miles near the Ballymoney town, you will love the amazing nature. Dark Hedges is the most frequently photographed area in Ireland. You will not want to miss catching a moment in the beauty located on the quiet road.

3. The Legendary Pacific Coast in Australia

Connecting Sydney and Brisbane, the Legendary Pacific Coast is a road trip route that measures 559 miles (about 900 km). The drive passes through Port Stephens, Byron Bay, and Gold Coast. Remember to stop at Cape Byron, the most Easterly point in Australia, to enjoy the sunshine as you head North. And during this migration season, you may see a whale passing by in the waters.

Knowing that the cities and routes in Australia are along the coastline, you will expect many people and attractions on the beaches as well. So, the trip might take longer than you had expected. In case you need to carry more items on your car’s roof racks, Sydney is the place to get them fixed before you begin the long journey ahead of you.

4. The Pacific Coast Highway in the USA

Starting from the Oregon border, running to San Diego, The Pacific Coast Highway measures 659 miles (1,055km). It is located in California state, offering you one of the most scenic drives in the world. There are numerous stops along the Pacific Coast Highway that offer you incredible scenic value as you drive along California 1.

The long stretch of beaches along Pacific Coast Highway offers you a luxurious relaxation away from the tiresome life in the noisy cities of California. Make sure you do not miss the marvellous sea cliffs and waterfalls. You can spend your nights in beach hotels or camp along the way to the end of your trip.

5. Trans-African Highway 4 from Cairo to Cape Town

This is a really long stretch of highway running from the top of Africa – Cairo, the capital of Egypt – to Cape Town (the capital of South Africa). The road connects the entire length of the continent through East Africa, making it about 6,355 miles (10, 228km) according to Wikipedia.

The great Trans-African Highway 4 passes through various Geographical positions with distinct climates. These range from the Sahara Desert in the North of Africa, the highlands of East Africa where it is cool and wet (for most of the time), going down to the warm Mediterranean climate of South Africa.

Along the route, you will pass through many country borders and see Africa’s Big Five in the national parks of Kenya, Tanzania, down to Cape Town. The African culture is a heritage, and you will be amazed to see people working in the farms – doing all the work manually – as you drive along. See how African work songs simplify the farming process without the need for complicated machines.

There are many hotels for travellers along the Trans-African Highway where you can spend the nights as you manoeuver your way through Africa. Be sure to make your reservations in big cities where the accommodation is sufficient with tight security.


When planning for road trips, you need to be aware that the various destinations offer you a diverse range of experience along the way. But it is important to remember that you need to carry your passport and travel Visa in case you are crossing borders during your road trips.

You also need to take adequate protective gear because of the varied climatic conditions along the roads and cities offering road trips. Do not forget to carry your water bottle since some of the parts of the stretches can go for a long distance without coming near towns – like the roads of Australia. I would carry a jerry can instead of a bottle!


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