Pictures are return tickets to a moment otherwise gone. Since 2015, I have been travelling across Africa and taking pictures of beautiful places, I want to share with you some of the wonderful mementoes of the outgone years as I went around West Africa with Afro Tourism to some beautiful places. Here are 15 interesting images around West Africa I captured with my lens.


1. Elmina Beach, Cape Coast, Ghana

views-from-the-castle-(21) (1)

Here, I was looking down at the beach from the historic Elmina Castle where captured Africans were ‘stored’ before being packed like sardines and shipped across the sea as mere commodities in the infamous Transatlantic Slave Trade. Elmina Castle along with the nearby Cape Coast Castle about 20 minute-drive apart were the major slave depots in Ghana.


2. Chicken Domoda, Kololi, The Gambia


Good food in a nice, cosy environment is absolutely invigorating. The chicken domoda is one of the cuisines of The Gambia. ‘Domoda’ is actually peanuts. You can enjoy this delicious meal at one of the fancy restaurants on the famous Senegambia Strip in Kololi.


3. Floating Comforts, Kaolack, Senegal


After a couple of days in Saint Louis, Senegal, I had to get to Janjangbureh, Gambia by road. It was a long drive and I had a stopover in Kaolack city where I spent the night, before continuing the journey across the border to Farafenni, Gambia. These beautiful water chalets of Hotel Adjana are on the banks of the Saloum River.


4. Rapt Attention, Cape Coast, Ghana


It was Easter period and I was in Cape Coast, Ghana, and so I went to see the famous Cape Coast Castle. There were several other tourists around, as well as Ghanaians who had come to learn a bit of the history of the place. Like eager students you can see the rapt attention as we listened to the very lively tour guide, Sebastien.


5. Lone Heron, Tambi Wetland, The Gambia

Denton-Bridge-over-Oyster-Creek-(90) (1)

The Tambi Wetland area after Banjul, driving down Denton Bridge past Oyster Creek is a good birding area in The Gambia. 


6. James Tower, Accra, Ghana

from-James-Tower-Accra-(12) (1)

Went up the tower with a friend and got some nice shot of Accra, Ghana. Had to take one for the road as well.


7. Let’s Ride, Dakar, Senegal


Dakar is a very nice place to visit and one of my favourite African cities. Apart from sights like this, I was pleasantly amused to see calèches on the main road with regular vehicles like cars and buses. Well, I found out that it is a common feature in all parts of Senegal and not just in Dakar.


8. Ruins of CFAO Building, Janjangbureh, The Gambia


The CFAO building was a trading post in front of the river where slaves were allegedly sold off in Janjangbureh, The Gambia.


9. Sunset on the river, Saint Louis Island, Senegal


Locally called N’Dar, Saint Louis Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site on the River Senegal and part of the city of Saint Louis, Senegal. A fishing community known as Guet N’Dar can be found along the river close to the Langue de Barbarie peninsula.


10. Fine Nights, Kololi, The Gambia


Back again on the Senegambia Strip, Kololi. Yes, it’s the centre of the tourism business in The Gambia. The major tour operators have their offices in Kololi. A Monkey Park is nearby. The best hotels with nice beaches, exotic restaurants serving continental and local delights. Hip clubs and bars to dance the night away, banks and ATM, etc, Kololi has it all. After each day, no matter where you go in the Gambia, you have to get down to Kololi to unwind.  


11. Scooping Salt, Saint Louis, Senegal

a-salt-lake-on-the-way-to-Langue.1 (1)

A crowd of locals scooping salt from the pond around the Gandiol area, on our way to the Parc de National de Langue de Barbarie via Zebrabar, Saint Louis, Senegal.


12. Internet Tree, Lamin Village, The Gambia


Why they call it the Internet Tree I don’t know, but this interesting tree is located within close proximity to the famous Lamin Lodge run by Peter Losen in Lamin Village, Gambia.


13. Rhino, M’Bour, Senegal

Bandia_Rhino-(7) (1)

A massive black rhino spotted on a safari at Reserve de Bandia in the Thiès Region, Senegal. Bandia is about 20km from Saly and about 60km from Dakar. There are several other animals, reptiles and birds in the reserve with lots of baobab and acacia trees.


14. Zémidjan Country, Cotonou, Benin Republic


Motorbike, locally known as zémidjan which literarily means “get me there fast” in the Fon language is the most popular means of transportation in the Benin Republic.


15. Independence Arch, Accra, Ghana


The Independence Arch is a part of the second largest square in the world, the Independence Square also known as Black Star Square in Accra, Ghana’s cosmopolitan capital city. Behind the arch is a lovely beach where most of the locals go to unwind.


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