With over 500, 000 square miles of ocean, one thing you can trust Seychelles to provide is a surfeit of pleasant beaches for a blissful holiday. It’s a pleasantly luxury destination that’s perfect for a honeymoon as well as leisure holiday – in nature-rich spots. If your idea of a perfect holiday includes a tropical island with uplifting breezes, luxurious apartment, intriguing cuisines, loads of nature to marvel at, truly stunning backdrops of ancient rainforest and cerulean seas, as well as pearlescent beaches, then Seychelles is for you. If you are looking for the perfect beach that’ll complement your holiday in Seychelles, here are a dozen beaches for you to choose from:

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Anse Source d’Argent, La Digue

Though it is the most photographed beach in the world, dreamy Anse Source d’Argent appeals not just to the cameras but also to the senses with its beauty, pleasant vanilla smell – from vanilla trees, and it golden crescent of sand. Access fee is about 115 SCR – which is worth every pictures, pleasant scene: wild lush green scenery on one side with the iconic granite rock formations leading onto white powdery sands and aquamarine waters, and invaluable moment of enjoyment: relax, snorkel, kayak, etc. you’ll have there.

‘Secluded’ Anse Marron, La Digue

Anse Marron | Photo by Jean-Marie Hullot

Located in the southernmost part of La Digue Island, this secluded, beautiful beach is hard to find – better to go with a tour guide, but if you finally make it there, you’ll be rewarded with photogenic playground: beautiful, golden sand, stunning granite boulders, some beautiful, protected saltwater pools, and a shallow, crystal-clear pool that is perfect for a dip.

‘Sexy’ Anse Takamaka, Mahe

Sexy is the word that perfectly describes this beautiful beach. Located on the south-west of Mahe, the Takamaka beach is wide and laced with palm and Takamaka trees – which provide shades. Its picturesque scenery is defined by a combination of clear water and large sandy surface. Activities to do include swimming, snorkelling and paddle boarding.

‘Picture-postcard perfect’ Anse Lazio, Praslin

Everyone agrees that this beach is picture-postcard perfect, but it is sometimes prettier than it looks in a picture. It’s a long sandy beach with powder-white sand – no stones or seaweed, clean blue sea, and nice palm trees providing shades.

Anse Intendence, Mahe.

Anse Intendance | Photo by Falco Ermert

The glowing blue water of the sea combined with the ambience make it super photogenic. This beach is a perfect spot for surfers, but not good for swimming because it lacks reef.

Beau Vallon, Mahe


Beau Vallon | Photo by Bob The Lomond

A beautiful, long beach with lovely calm sea offering nice view of gorgeous sunsets, impressive snorkelling sites, scintillating nightlife and amazing accommodation facilities within walking distance.

Honeymoon Beach

Honeymoon beach | Photo by North Island

“One of the world’s most exclusive beaches, Honeymoon Beach is on North Island — a private island where even the guests have to book ahead to gain access,” according to the CNN.

Anse Georgette, Praslin

Constance Lemuria Golf Course, Praslin | Photo by So Seychelles

Anse Georgette | Photo by Falco Ermert

Its obvious glorious absence of facilities such as car park and café instantly jumps at you, but that’s not to deny its gorgeousness, and why it is often referred to as the most beautiful beach in the world. This beach is surrounded by mountainous jungle – which seemed to drop steeply to the sea. The sea here is blessed with crystal clear waters, milky-blue waves, and white soft beach sands. And there are overhanging Palm trees that provide some shades.

Anse Louis, Mahe

Anse Louis | Photo by Seyvillas

A small shielded bay with great waves, Anse Louis has the luxury of a fewer crowd and share a portion of its sandy shores with an ultra-private Spa and Resort facility.

Petite Anse, La digue Island

Petite Anse | Photo by Falco Ermert

Fantastic. Unbelievable. Quiet. Peaceful. Safe. Amazing… the view of the beach is captivating! And its water is crystal clear. There is snorkelling on one end, and nice waves on the other. Absolutely paradise-like.

Anse Cocos, La Digue

Anse Cocos | Photo by So Seychelles

A pristine beach located about 30 minute’s hike away. If you get here, find the natural pool at the end of the beach and swim. Anse Coco is also a good place to snorkel. Go there early – (only few areas are shaded) with your snacks and drink.

Anse Royale, Mahe

Anse Royale | Photo by So Seychelles 

You should spend good time here taking in the stunning views: turquoise waters, blue sky, sparkling water, tree-lined beach, dancing waves covered with flickering sunlight… This beach is yours to walk and relax.


Note: all Beaches in Seychelles are public, and ‘Anse’ means ‘Bay’

You can suggest other nice beaches in Seychelles by commenting below.


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