Seychelles is a gorgeous destination with plenty of nice beaches—some of the best in the world, tropical climate, kilometres of reefs, uninhabited islands and plenty of surprises. As a “paradise on earth,” it easily qualifies as an ideal honeymoon destination for anyone with class. For all its interesting parts, Seychelles has some intriguing facts that make it even more appealing. Here are some 10 things you should check out in Seychelles when you visit. 

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There is no Malaria

While it’s possible to get bitten by bugs if you play on the wrong sand, mosquito bites are rare. In fact, I understand mosquitoes that carry malaria do not exist in Seychelles.

Seychelles Existed When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth

Over 150 million years ago when Dinosaurs roamed the earth, Seychelles was a part of the super-continent where the large reptiles – Dinosaurs, probably lived. The continent is called Gondwanaland –  an ancient supercontinent that incorporated present-day South America, Africa, Arabia, Madagascar, India, Australia, and Antarctica. 

Seychelles is the Only Mid-Ocean Granite Islands in the World

Praslin Island Tropical Ocean Travel Seychelles

Millions of years ago, some seismic activities happened and Gondwanaland broke up, ending the supercontinent’s era and its dinosaurs. One of the beautiful remnants of great Gondwanaland is Seychelles, which is now the only mid-ocean granite Islands in the world.

Seychelles is the world’s oldest ocean islands and the world’s largest raised coral atoll.

Snorkelling In Seychelles | Photo by Alf Altendorf

Its First settlers were French in 1770

So, when the dinosaur left, the islands were desolate for many years – except for fearless pirates, until 1770 when the French became the first inhabitants of beautiful Seychelles. Anyway, Seychelles now has a hugely diverse resident population. 

It’s Home to the Garden of Eden

On Praslin Island, you’ll find Valle de Mai…believe it or not, Valle de Mai has long been considered the original Garden of Eden and I haven’t seen proof that it’s not...maybe you’ll find one.

Valle de Mai is the only known place in the world where you’ll find Black Parrot

The rare bird is actually brown 

The World Heaviest Nut is Found in Seychelles 

Coco de Mer



Here is another interesting discovery. The coco de mer, which is the world’s heaviest nut, is only found in Vallee de Mai on the Island of Praslin and Curieuse. The nut is shaped like a female pelvis, and has been suggested to be the Forbidden Fruit—another excuse for considering Vallee de Mai as the Garden of Eden.

You’ll Eat a lot of Grilled Tuna in Seychelles

There is an Exotic-looking Hindu Temple in Downtown Victoria

Hawksbill Turtles Feel Unthreatened in Seychelles

The turtles feel so free that they come ashore in broad daylight to lay their eggs.


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