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Our Team


Miriam is the cornerstone of content planning, fiercely dedicated to resolving the critical issues of the day. She loves a good challenge, thrives on deadlines, pressure and learning new things. Her focus is on completing the first ever “Africa by cities” travel guides.In her spare time, Miriam loves to shop, cook and travel.


Chinenye is a wordsmith, extremely creative, and with a keen eye for detail, all skills that help her scale through her functions as the Subeditor which could be summarised as the Utilisation of Content Optimization Skills to drive Effective Brand Awareness. Through providing quality and authentic content for the website, Chinenye assumes her role as the gate-keeper of and “will not publish it if it’s not worthy.” When she’s not working, she enjoys reading, writing, and clowning around with her four energetic kids


Niyi loves to paint with words. He is a resident doodler and part of the Content Team saddled with generating and defining content for both digital and print publications. He loves a good read…loves good music…loves to dance…and loves to discover and explore new cultures…
Niyi has a strong interest in movie making, having been involved with TV, doing scripts for shows and documentaries.


A consummate marketing representative focused on driving sales optimization and delivering exceptional solutions. Nkiruka is challenge driven, dedicated to her work and ready to learn new things. She is an active person who enjoys running to keep fit, a makeup artist and travel enthusiast.


Sam is the Business Development Manager at Afro Tourism. A leading voice in Africa’s travel and tourism landscape, Sam brings vitality, professionalism and warmth, with a mindset of service and advocacy to his work with clients and partners. He is focused at leading efforts aimed at identifying and consolidating new opportunities in Africa’s emerging tourism industry.”.