You can get around Luxor on foot, bicycle, motorcycle, calèche, taxi, minibus, and boat. If you have a good sense of direction, navigating the tourists’ spots on foot is easy – especially during the cooler days. Bicycles are a better option, and there are several places both on the East and West Banks where you can easily rent one. Prices depend on variety of reasons from quality of the bike, relative demands of the day, to your bargaining skills – and they cost E£5-20 (US$0.7-3).

1500cc Chinese motorbikes are available for rent from E£50 (US$7) for an hour or a day/evening – depending on your negotiating skill and demand. Taxicabs are available, but they are not metered. A round trip to the airport costs about E£5o (US$7). You will have to negotiate most of the time, but short trips costs about E£10-20 (US$1.4-3), while a round trip to the West Bank costs about E£100 (US$14).

Minibuses are the cheapest form of transport at a flat E£0.50 (US$0.o7). They have fixed routes which all seem to converge at the railway station. If you don’t pay as soon as you sit, the driver will likely assume you don’t know the fare, and he’ll charge you E£1 (US0.14).

Calèches are horse-drawn carriages and are more common on the East Bank. They are quite an interesting way of seeing the town, especially at night. E£2o (US3) an hour is the common fare, but be prepared to haggle since you won’t be offered that price for starters.

Boats are necessary for crossing the river to get from one side to the other. Most of the feluccas are at inflated prices of E£2o-30 (US$3-4). The blue local ferry charges E£1 (US0.14)! However, you will have to wait for it to fill up, because it won’t set sail until then – except another ferry arrives.