Matatus, taxicabs, car rentals, and motorbike-taxis are various options of navigating your way around town. The fastest and most popular are the bike-taxis, locally called motos, and the fare ranges between RWF200-1000 for trips around town. A round trip to the airport on one of these costs between RWF1500-2000.

Matatus (minibuses) are common features of East Africa. In Rwanda, most of them are pretty new and well maintained – and cheap as well. Prices range from RWF600-3000 depending on the route and distance.

Taxicabs are more expensive and a 1km ride costs about RWF2000 after some bargaining. A round trip to the airport costs about RWF10000. Basically, there are 2 types of taxis in the city – individually owned, and the professionally operated service by an operator. Car hire agencies are also available.