Going out and about in Conakry is an interesting experience to look forward to. Just like other West African cities, domestic (intra-city) transportation is usually by motorcycle, taxi, mini-bus or bus. The motorcycle riders are very reckless and their speed limit is simply limitless. Despite the obvious danger, boarding a motorcycle (or buying one, yes – it’s affordable) is often the best way to dash from one end of the city to the other – meandering through traffic, getting to remote locations and most especially, if you are in a hurry. The mini-buses, also known as Magbanas, are usually crowded as they often cramp as much as 20 people in the course of a trip. Buses are also available, but are mostly infrequent and they’re found mostly around the port. If you have phobia for crowds, then getting a taxi is your best bet. And they are easy to find. Just raise your hand and holla at them as you stand by the road, you’ll surely get a patron in no time.