It has been said that Asmara is so safe you can take a stroll in the midst of the night. If you are up for it, walking is definitely a good way of moving around and sightseeing.

The city has 10 downtown bus lines with distinct red Mercedes Benz buses. Signs in front of the buses indicate their destinations. But hey! It’s often scribbled in Latin, so please confirm before hopping aboard. The fare is usually Nfk1 and their stops are easy to spot, however they close early by 7pm.

White minibuses are also available for getting around town, running on the main streets, plying fixed routes – but with no fixed stops. They can be seen at bus stops too, but you can easily flag one down like a cab. Before jumping aboard, ask for its destination – if you missed the fottorino (conductor/ticket-seller) yelling it out. Oh, by the way, once you’re ready to disembark, just call out ‘Stop!’

There are yellow cabs that operate like the minibuses – fixed routes, but no fixed stops. Rides are shared with three other passengers. However, there is what the locals call kuntrat which are cabs which don’t operate fixed routes and would gladly take you wherever you want to go. Prices have to be negotiated with the driver.

Car rental is available, although rather too expensive!