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Windhoek is the capital and the largest city in Namibia, with over 250,000 inhabitants. It harbors the geographical scene of the country with an elevation of 1,600 meters. This setting is where most safaris moving through Namibia started, and also the first entry point in the country if you arrive by plane.

The center of Windhoek is an urban setting fitted to complement lounge areas around the Zoo Park, the funnels at St Mall, and taxis around honking for intending customers. The first impression one would get is that of a city situated in the West.

Windhoek is a small city with the right mix of a small population and friendly people. Its relaxed, hassle free and an utterly cosmopolitan outlook is suitable for exploration.

There is an international airport in Windhoek, about 45 kilometers away from town comprising of a broad spectrum of hotels, lounges, safaris and tour operators.

A strong dutch and German influence is noticeable in Windhoek in many ways. And you will find this in the restaurants in the city, such as the popular German sausages, beer, German bread and so forth. Not forgetting the German carnival.

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Windhoek is a beehive of activities. Depending on your choice and reasons for visiting, the city has something in stock to give you a wonderful experience. A cosmopolitan city with sophisticated shops, good hotels and nice restaurants; Windhoek offers a wide range of attractions in its architecture and museums, many of which are historic. Its main plus is its harmonious blend of African and European cultures and the friendliness of its people. Some of the must-see monuments and museums in Windhoek include the home of Namibia\'s parliament, the newly founded Hero\'s Acre. Alte Feste Museum at Robert Mugabe Avenue, Windhoek Central Railway Station, Old Prison in Goethe Street, College of the Arts in Fidel Castro Street, the National Library, National Archives, National Art Gallery, the National Botanical Gardens and many notable others. A number of tourists in Namibia who start their adventure in Windhoek usually visit the the gardens surrounding the Tintenpalast, home of the statue of Hosea Kutako, a Namibian nationalist hero.

Food and Drinks in Windhoek

There are very good bars and restaurants offering quality meals and wines at Windhoek though with bias towards German dishes and seafood. If you are on your first visit, any dinner that begins with a lovely terrine of duck salad is going to be special. Nibbling on some outstanding local cuisines would make your stay special—bear in mind that Namibia is a meat-orientated society, and many local menu options will feature steaks from various animals. The popular local cuisine include: eedingu- a blend of dried meat, carrots and green beans, kapana bread; mealie pap- a form of porridge, oshifima- dough-like staple made from millet, oshifima ne vanda- millet with meat, oshiwambo - spinach and beef among many others. You will love the rooibos tea. It is a herbal tea, but you can enjoy it with milk. You can also savour the good Namibian beers, such as Tafel and Windhoek Lager, and Windhoek Lager light (2 percent of alcohol). Soft drinks including some South African sparkling white and red grape juice varieties are ideal non-alcoholic summer drinks.

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