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Tunis, the capital of Tunisia and home to the nearby ancient city of Carthage. Tunis is known by many today for Carthage its nearby ancient counterpart and is a great travel destination for all cultures just as the ancient city once was.

The city of Tunis hosts fantastic sights, activites, nearby beaches, markets and crafts. Take a walk through the mix and blend of a variety of different ancient cultures and modern flare. Tunis is the place to be

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The Bardo museum is one of the city’s main attraction and a must see for everyone in the city. Another must see is the Zitouna Mosque, the monument dating as far back as the 8th century is Tunisia’s largest mosque. You must also visit the La Marsa, a town built around a moon-shaped beach where ambassadors live and locals go to swim. The Sidi Bous Said is a romantic place to visit—it has some of the most seductive colour co-ordination on the entire Mediterranean coast. This beautifully preserved cobbled town overlooks the Gulf of Tunis and has long earned popularity as a favourite retreat for European artists and intellectuals. Don’t forget to visit Carthage too. Here, another chapter of Tunis’s story of conquest, resistance, flux, and assimilation, from mythic Dido to the Jasmine Revolution of 2011 is told. The Souk in Tunis may be less touristy, but this is where you can buy whatever you want—including souvenirs and food. It is a vibrant place where people live and work so it is a good place for genuine local wares at great prices.
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  • Zitouna Mosque

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Food and Drinks in Tunis

Tunis’ cuisine has cross-cultural blending of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and African influences. The popular dishes include couscous au poisson (with fish), merguez (lamb sausage), and kabkabou (baked sea bream with tomatoes and capers), these are spiced with exotic aromatic herbs and spices, ranging from anise, cloves, ginger, saffron, to potent harissa (hot chili-pepper paste) among others. You should also savour the mint tea, an unofficial state drink. There are many restaurants selling international cuisines as well. One thing is sure in Tunis, for food and drink you will get better value and good sized portions.

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