Tamale overview

Tamale is West Africa’s fastest growing city and the capital town of the Northern Region of Ghana. It is also Ghana’s second largest city by area size. Located in the Kingdom of Dagbon, most residents of Tamale population are Muslims and this results to the various interesting mosques in the town.

Tamle is located 600 kilometers north of Accra and due to its central location; it serves as the center of administrative and commercial activities in the Northern region, along with some financial institutions and international non-governmental organization.

Often regarded as the gateway to the Northern region, it hosts so many ethnic groups such as Dagombe, Nanumba, Maamprusi, Gonja and Komkombas, Chekosis, Bimobas and Vaglas.

Due to the significant transformation of Tamale in the last few years, it has attracted companies to open branches in Tamale to further the trade market in the town.

The beautiful town grew from traditional mud houses to modern tall buildings, with good roads and infrastructure, while still maintaining its traditional outlook.

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Tamale has a very big central market that is in the heart of the town. Basically, everything you need is in this market ranging from bicycles to furniture and also various types of food stuffs. To properly appreciate the culture and lifestyle of this beautiful town, take your time to visit the Mosques. Though, a place of worship, you would be amazed at how each of them were constructed and designed. Especially the Central Mosque that is visible from anywhere in the city center. A must see also is the suburb called Zongo, where leather making is a core trade. The police parks used for all kinds of events is also worth seeing.

Food and Drinks in Tamale

Tamale is regarded as the kitchen of the Northern region of Ghana because it is filled with lots of delicacies. It acts as a food basket for Ghana by providing yam, meat and cereals for the whole nation. The main dish of the Northern region is Tuo Zaafi which is known as rice balls or Omo Tuo with groundnut or green leaves soup, beans or cow pea with Shea nut oil and pepper called Tubaani Koko or millet/corn porridge eaten with Koose fried balls. The staple drink is Pito beer and it is locally brewed from millet or Zom koom.

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