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The city Sfax in Tunisia stands as a much needed port, olive oil and nut production centre and most notably, holds the largest fishing industry of Tunisia. The city itself was founded after old Roman ruins and is rich in history, culture, industry and trade.

It’s a great spot for visitors, both local and international

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In Sfax, Medina (old city) is a must visit. Bab Diwan, its mammoth main gateway is a prominent landmark in the area. Rue dela Driba in medina is where you will spot houses with handsome imposing doorways. The Archaeological Museum housed at Sfax’s Municipality (Town Hall) is a place to visit for its rich Roman, Punic and Byzantine antiquities. There are several other artefacts that give details about the history of the city. The Dar Djellouli or the Governor\'s Mansion epitomises the city’s ancient architecture feat; while the beaches in the city around the Kerkennah Islands are a must visit. Other must see in Sfax include the great mosque of Medina, the souks, the Kasbah museum and monument, the fishing port of Sidi Mansour, the museum of Arts and Traditions in Dar Jallouli, and Kerkennah; for scenery and view of the wilderness.

Food and Drinks in Sfax

Couscous, marqa stews and fish form the backbone of local food in Sfax. The Marka or Market Sbares which contains onion, garlic, oil, tomatoes, green pepper and fish (especially sbarès) plus spices which gives it a special flavour is a popular local meal in the city. Also notable is the Saffoud (lambs meat skewer grilled), it is usually accompanied by assortment of various salads and traditional sauces served with Lafif bread. Chickpeas and small pieces of bread and cumin alongside eggs, olive oil, harissa, capers, tuna, and olives makes up the popular Lablabi. For religious reasons alcohol is restricted in the city though one can get beer at some licensed restaurants, but you can enjoy Mint Tea—very sweet peppermint tea, and Legmi—a traditional hooch made from date juice. There are restaurants as well offering international dishes.

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