Seychelles overview

You will be forgiven for believing you have somehow found yourself in paradise, after just a few days in Seychelles.

The truth is; Seychelles is a paradise of sort. It is an idyllic archipelago of 115 islands set in the warm Indian Ocean. Only a few of the islands are inhabited, with 90% of the population living in Mahé, the biggest of the islands.

With some of the best beaches in the world, along with a host of spectacular coral reefs, Seychelles is a top tourist destination for watersports such as snorkelling and scuba diving; while the island’s idyllic and romantic setting is a great attraction for lovers and honeymooners.

Seychelles is also home to some endemic plant species like the Coco de Mer; animals like the Aldabra giant tortoise and the rare black parrot.

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Seychelles is one of the world’s most treasured holiday and vacation spots. Travelers to this beautiful paradise never grow tired of sharing amazing tales and pictures of shimmering white powder sands of the island’s beaches as well as the colourful tropical life below its turquoise waters. Seychelles has an archipelago of 115 islands; and remote ones like Fregate or Bird Island are known to be favourites of adventurous travelers who delight in bird watching. The Aquarium, Madam Zabre and Passe Tambi are great sites for snorkeling and sighting amazing species of turtles, stingrays and colourful reef fish. Another interesting spot to look out for is Aldabra, the world’s largest atoll as well as a UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site. The atoll consists of 13 islands and is home to about 150,000 giant tortoises. Finally, be sure to join a tour of the popular Mahé Island for stunning views of the market, the Botanical Gardens and the Victoria Clock Tower (which is a replica of London’s Vauxhall Bridge Tower Clock). If there is one place you should visit before you die, it’s Seychelles. See you there.

Food and Drinks in Seychelles

Take a break from the endless sights and sounds of Seychelles to enjoy a sumptuous Creole meal of tuna at any of Round Island’s restaurants. Other local dishes to savour include: Carotte bananas (bananas wrapped in banana leaves with honey and villa); Soupe de tectec (clam cooked in tomatoes, garlic and ginger); and Grilled fish with chatini Seychellois (crushed chillies, ginger, garlic). Locally produced drinks to enjoy after meals include Ekyu (local beer) and Seybrew (a Bavarian-style lager), Coco D’Amour (tropical coconut liqueur made with coconut extract). Wines, spirits and other alcoholic beverages are also available on request.