Oran overview

The 2nd liveliest city in Algeria boasts of a bubbling port with an abundance of history and rhythms. It is a main city on the northwest coast of Algeria, and closely familiar with its neighboring city. Cited in the northwest corner of Algeria, with land area of about 432 kilometers, from Algiers the capital; Oran is the main port, industrial, educational and industrial engine of the western part of Algeria.

The population of the city atolls 759,645 as of 2008, while its metro area records about 1.5million inhabitants, making it the 2nd largest Algiers’s city.

Oran is a fascinating city, a place with sense of its own history and culture, which has played some parts to the world at large, offering lively music.

Food and Drinks in Oran

Breakfast in Oran is shakshuka, made of sautéed bell peppers, onion with egg stirred in. Cocas—a puff pastry stuffed with sautéed vegetable, or frita—a pizza-like baked meal topped with olives, peppers and tomatoes are regular lunch in the city, while arroz con pollo made with long-grain rice or basmati rice is also a popular delicacy. You can also enjoy paella and bastila made with a pie of chicken, eggs and almonds in many layers of flaky phyllo-like dough, as well as baklava, a flaky pastry with nuts, drizzled with Seville orange syrup. Enjoy couscous served with a choice of several tagines or soups, kebabs and mechoui (roasted or grilled dishes); rotisserie-grilled meat, falafels stuffed with pita bread and French fries are available dishes at Oran too. Drink is typically mint tea and coffee, there are wines but alcohol is not popular in the area for religious reason.

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