Obudu overview

Obudu is a small, sleepy border town located north-east of Calabar, the capital of Cross-river state, South-South Nigeria. It is bounded to the north by Vandiekya in Benue state, and to the east by the Republic of Cameroon. This laidback settlement is an approximately 7-hour drive from Calabar, the state capital. The town became prominent as a result of the development of the world-renowned Obudu Ranch Resort, a multi-million naira tourist destination, developed and maintained by the state government. There is nothing to do in the village except the fact that it is only a connecting pathway to the mountain top where the ranch resort is situated, which is about 60km drive from Obudu town. As you approach the resort, you’ll experience a change in climate as the resort gets cold and it’s even colder between April and November. So tourists are advised to come with sweaters, head warmers, gloves, socks and other warm clothing materials. You can literally see the clouds in front of you as you walk or drive around the resort during this period. The ranch is situated at a whopping 1,678metres above sea level, so you can imagine how high up you are in the air. The terrain of the plateau is hilly with deep gorges so visitors should drive carefully while going uphill and coming downhill. Exciting attractions and activities to look forward to include the cable cars, the annual Obudu international mountain race, the water park, devil’s elbow, holy mountain, African huts, mountain villas and the presidential villa, among others.

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Coming to Obudu is surely one of the best adventures to experience in a lifetime. At Obudu, time stands still, and tourists are overwhelmed by the magnitude of the man-made and natural attractions that dot the landscape of this expansive plateau. Visit the stunning Holy Mountain and the beautiful mini-springs at the Grotto to truly experience nature at its best. Look out for the canopy walk, the mountain villas, the African huts, the tennis courts and the water park situated at the base of the hill. The high point is the exciting cable car ride which gives tourists priceless views of the resort’s landscape. Though not for the faint-hearted, this fifteen-minute ride downhill or uphill simply captures the essence of this magnificent mountain resort: the ingenuity of mankind and the awesomeness of mother nature.

Food and Drinks in Obudu

Local and continental dishes are mainly sold at the resort’s restaurant. Visitors can however get fresh foodstuffs to cook at their lodges from the local village market situated at just a walking distance opposite the resort’s chalets. If you’d love to have some snacks while touring the resort, local women selling boiled corn, coconut and okpa (a local delicacy made of corn meal and soya bean flour) can be seen around while suya and barbecue stands are available in the evenings.

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