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Ngwenya is a town in western Swaziland, lying near the border with South Africa on the MR3 road. The most popular entry point into the Kingdom of Swaziland is the Oshoek/Ngwenya border post located towards the North West Region of Swaziland. The South African town opposite Ngwenya is Oshoek in Mpumalanga province. Ngwenya is named after a mountain that looks like a lazing Ngwenya (crocodile). It is known for its glass factory and artwork and the very popular Malolotja Nature Reserve lies near the town.

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Ngwenya Glass Factory is a major tourist attraction of the town and perhaps the most popular. Visit the factory centre for a literal blow by blow account of the making of the glass artefacts and décor accessories. Another must see is the Ngwenya Mine, reputed to be the world’s oldest mine, dating back to 41 000 BC. Endeavour to visit the site for some fascinating discoveries. Malolotja Nature Reserve is a famous resort that houses many tourist activities and attraction. Visit the Malolotja Falls in the nature reserve to see first-hand the highest waterfall in Swaziland which is a 100 metre high. The Ngwenya Mountain is another firm favourite of many tourists as it houses the Mine atop of it. The mountain expenditure will educate on the mining of Haematite and Specularite for ritual and cosmetic use and how haematite was also used by the Bushman for their paint.

Food and Drinks in Ngwenya

Cassava and maize are the two mainstays of Swazi food, cooked in a variety of ways and eaten by most of the people. Both are ground into flour and used to make carbohydrate rich porridge like dishes that are then eaten accompanied by stews using whatever is available or affordable. Cafes, restaurants and other less pretentious restaurants in Swaziland serve a range of cuisine made popular by different communities that live in the country – the gamut spans European to Indian to African. Food stalls can be spotted at most markets and street sides and they usually specialize in traditional Swazi food – maize mealies or porridge accompanied by meat and game stews. Ford drinks Ngwenya like most of Swaziland also has a number of bars where the hot favourite is the locally brewed beer.

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  • Endlotane Tapestry Studios

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  • Malolotja Canopy Tours


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  • Handicraft Centre

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