Mogadishu overview

Food and Drinks in Mogadishu

The Somali cuisine draws its influence from various regions, cultures and markets including Arabia, Asia, East Africa and even as far as Italy and Turkey. All Somali dishes are served Halal. Rice and pasta are very important staple diet amongst the Somalis. For breakfast (Quraac pronounced Kura\'a) is an important meal amongst Somalis and often consists of a traditional bread that\'s inbetween a pancake and Hot cross buns. It is similar to Ethiopia and Eritrea\'s injera. It can be served with various meals sweet and savory snacks or dishes. You can also find Beer iyo basal (Liver and onions) and is one of the most beloved Somali breakfasts of all time. For lunch try Lamb stew, anjero served with Somali salad (onsalaato) and Somali chilli (siigni). Meat such as camel meat and milk are also popular among Somalis. They believe they are more nutritious than any other source of meat and milk. Drinks include Somali tea (shaah), juice. The Somali tea itself can be served as black (rinji/biigays) or with milk (various versions of milk such as powder, fresh goat, camel, sheep milk), and they love it being served in a glass (bakeri).But be warned, the Somali tea is very spicy. Its sweet, hot and sour like Thai food! Coffee is not that popular even though they do have it (buun/Qahwa).